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Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

There is a lot going on this Spring in my household.  One thing, that I’m pretty excited about, is that there is a robin’s nest outside of my kitchen window.  I’m busy taking photos of the birds as they are growing.  I use a fast shutter speed setting on my camera but sometimes I still get photos that look like this:

ISO 1000 50mm 0ev f/6.3 1/125

ISO 1000 50mm 0ev f/6.3 1/125

A second later I get a clear shot:

ISO 1000 50mm 0ev f/6.3 1/125

ISO 1000 50mm 0ev f/6.3 1/125

This shot has been cropped and sharpened in Photoshop.  No amount of sharpening is going to make that first picture a clear shot.  For the most part to get these shots I have my camera on a tripod which is set on top of a few of the good dining room chairs that I have set outside.  I have a remote shutter which allows me to be inside and taking pictures.  I took a photo of this silly looking set up and blogged about it here.  For the two shots above I used my Canon 50D.  I also take my point and shoot out when I am setting up my larger camera.  This morning I got this shot:

ISO 800 4mm 0ev f/2.7 1/200

ISO 800 4mm 0ev f/2.7 1/200

This shot, cropped and sharpened, is my favorite of the day.  I’v been using my point and shoot everyday to get a close up photo like this.  I have a series of photos of the eggs and then the hatchlings.  Those photos I have posted on Twitter and Flickr, so feel free to drop by and follow along with the unfolding story there.

The difference between the two photos, between a blur of motion and a clear shot, is one second.  The first photo taken at 9:17:47 and the second 9:17:48.  What a difference a second can make.

What do you think? which photo do you prefer? Care to hazard a guess as to how many photos I took this morning between 8:31 and 9:18 as I was watching the adult birds come and go?  Feel free to leave a comment or you guess below.



61 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

  1. these are just amazing! as i write this my camera is on a tripod outside my patio doors, my remote to hand. my hummingbird has not been playing ball for days though!
    my favourite is the last one, because that one in middle seems to be saving his energy until he sees a parent 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos, Amy. I like the one you took with the point and shoot – love seeing the birds up close. Always like the second photo a lot and those birds sure look hungry, and you certainly captured that brilliantly. Hope they got feed soon. I am taking a wild guess and saying you took 100 photos in that time frame 🙂


  3. poppytump says:

    That last shot Amy is stunning I’m not surprised it’s your favourite ! Incredible the difference yes, a second will make I guess it’s why I keep changing settings so often so atleast I have some chance of a shot . The number of clicks during that time this morning must have run into the hundreds .


  4. well you are so right about the “What a difference a second can make” – and even though I usually just think of this with things like swimming – you really show us that here and it was nice – the first image is my fav – with the hint of blur on the front beak – the blurriness seems to add to the tension that might accompany their squawk for food – but all three are gems – giving close ups that I never really get to see in person – 🙂


  5. Feed me!

    That 1/200 to 1/250 is the average benchmark for stopping down motion at nearly any ISO.

    Fab detail on that last shot. I can see how the ISO 800 helped to saturate as much colour as possible out of the blue cast of the shaded area where the nest was.


  6. They are cute and I think you are lucky to have their nest at your threshold, provided that they don’t wake you up. I like the middle photo best 🙂 As for how many pics you take, I’d say at least 50?


  7. Fabulous images, and I loved reading of the process behind the capture! The sharpness is enticing, and that closeup really captures their hungry personality. But I think I like the one that shows their motion best!


  8. Gorgeous post! ❤ I love all your shots, but maybe the last close up a little more. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing the story behind the captures.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Dina & co


  9. My favorite is the middle one. It gives great detail of the beaks and the black spots that run all down them, without being too close up. And I also like it for its composition as well.


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