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Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

I was up early this morning taking photos of my wildflowers when it occurred to me that perhaps I did have an entry for this week’s photo challenge, half and half.  As much I love taking photos of just the flowers, the photos tend to be more interesting with their other half, bees:

ISO 800 150mm 0ev f/7.1 1/160

ISO 800 150mm 0ev f/7.1 1/160

In this case, just a single bee.  He was the only one out this morning.  When I edited this photo, I did something I don’t usually do, I did a fair amount of the editing in Camera Raw before opening it up in Photoshop.  I used the sliders in Camera Raw to adjust the exposure, clarity, and highlights.  Then I opened it in Photoshop to crop and sharpen the image.  Here is the original shot:

ISO 800 150mm 0ev f/7.1 1/160

ISO 800 150mm 0ev f/7.1 1/160

I think the image is a bit stronger with the edits.  With the bee almost dead center, it does break the “rule of thirds” photography rule.  In this case that doesn’t bother me. To be honest I think part of what I like about this photo, is the fact that I was up early enough before work to have the time to go and be outside in one of my favorite places.  Do you have a photo like that, one that is more about how you were feeling at the time and not so much about the photo itself?  What do you think of the edits?  Feel free to leave a comment below.



28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

  1. I think you did a great job! I love taking pictures but I am not much into editing and all the fancy stuff that can be done with photos. Not because I don’t like it, just cause i never learned. I know what you mean about the feeling of the moment when you look at pictures, that is what I like most about pics, the memories that they bring back whether or not they are the perfect photo 🙂


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  3. A lovely close-up! I like your edit, it enhances the photo but doesn’t go so far make it ‘fake’ as I see on some cases. Great! Rules are there to be broken!


  4. Your process is more or less the same way I process mine. Often I only use PS for watermark. If it didn’t come out of the camera looking good I’m not interested in processing it.


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