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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Fall is officially here in this part of the world.  The leaves are starting to change here and the day is noticeably shorter. To me, the light during this time of year seems more intense, and I have been thinking about ways to grab that photographically.  This week, I found myself thinking about creating backlit images, here is a link to some photos I was looking at this morning.  Earlier this week, I was taking some photos at a local park, and the sun was causing some harsh shadows, so I decided to change up the way I was shooting and shoot into the sun instead of with my back to it.  Here is the result:

ISO 125 70mm 0ev f/8 1/1250

ISO 125 70mm 0ev f/8 1/1250

This photo has been edited.  It is actually an HDR image that I created using Photomatix.  Changing a photo using editing can be fun, but there is another way to change and image and that is just to move.  Here is what that scene looks like standing at street level:

ISO 125 70mm 0ev f/8 1/160

ISO 125 70mm 0ev f/8 1/160

But this particular morning, I wasn’t looking to just take a picture in the park, I was daydreaming about light and wide open spaces, so the top photo was my result.  All it took was a few steps down the hill and a little editing and I was where I wanted to be.

How do you feel about changing an image to suit an idea rather than being an exact descriptor?  Personally, I like trying to combine both things, so this image is a bit of stretch for me.  Feel free to comment below about the changes I made in this case or to comment on how you feel about this type of change in your own work.




24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. I thought this was beautifully done, Amy. I had no idea there were buildings behind the plant looking at the final photo. So natural and it feels like I’m lying in a big field and looking up at the gorgeous blue sky. Very creative eye there. Would love to try this kind of editing when I have time.

    Happy fall. It’s spring here in Australia but we are still getting winter weather. Fret not, next week the weather looks like it’s warming up 🙂


  2. poppytump says:

    You’ve achieved a lovely soft summery look there Amy ! I really like it .
    Chilly Autumn mornings are on the way with golden tints in the trees !


  3. Lovely capture, I definitely prefer the first one where you have changed the angle. Gives me that dreamy feel.
    Trying different angles is a great idea. Often I come home and check my photos and find that the angle I was expecting to be the ‘best’ did not give the best /most interesting photo:)


  4. I like both photos. I love the ethereal feel of the first photo with the gold grass against the soft background. And I also like the contrast in the second photo between the wispy light grass (and the green plants) against the hard angles of the building. But, if I was hanging it on my wall, I would likely go with the first one 🙂


  5. Beautiful photos, and an intriguing question. Whenever possible, I like my photos to tell a story, and sometimes I do a little tweaking to help support the message or idea I want to share with my readers.


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