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Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!

For this week’s challenge, I invite you to take you on a walk around the zoo with me as I go in search of a photo. I take a lot of photos and I’m grateful for digital photography.  It’s easy to go ahead and take a photo, try another angle, another setting perhaps.  Think for a minute, try something else.  The beauty of digital is that you can throw away all the duds.  My laptop trash bin often has a lot in it. Here is a little gallery of our walk:

You can roll over any of the photos to see why they will not be making it into a blog post other than this one where I show you all my oops moments.  For those of you who visit regularly, you will recognize that cheetah.  He was in last week’s post looking like this:

I see you

ISO 800 f/5.6 1/250 0ev 200mm

To get that one photo, I took one hundred and twenty two photos, for me that is almost nothing.

I have a few that I will keep.  I’ll edit those, make sure they are tagged, and save them to a separate hard drive too.  The rest, well those are headed for the bulging trash bin.

Thanks for taking a walk with me. I always like chatting about photography.  Feel free to comment below, either about what I have done here or about your own creative process.




27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!

  1. My trash pile is my collection of photos. I do throw some of the worst ones away, but I struggle to throw anything away. Thank goodness for terabytes of storage. I may be headed there some day. 🙂 Beautiful lion shot – the others are fun! 🙂


  2. Lovely shots of the animals at the zoo. Over a hundred photos on a day out. Not too bad. I take around the same number of photos too, sometimes even more, always trying out different angles. If it’s a place that I won’t come back for a while, then I’d be inclined to take even more.


  3. Amy … That cheetah is very majestic. Those other animals, darn them, why can’t they just sit still? I also took a number of photos that have since been discarded.

    I still have a steep learning curve. My most recent oops moment happened when we visited Valley of Fire in Nevada (about 50 miles outside of Las Vegas. All the photos had a blue tint – I had the camera on incandescent lighting for indoors rather than for the bright sunny outdoors.) 😉


  4. poppytump says:

    My bin overflows often Amy 😉
    Lots of great subjects here to re visit over and over though . A challenge with animals and birds, but when you find one as in your gorgeous lounging cheetah on downloading them – it’s a good feeling I know 🙂


  5. Oh the humor was a treat – and I like learning from your blog – and what a great take on oops!!! And now imagining how bulging the trash bin is – and does a Digital trash bin ever get too full? Hm u know does it have a size limit before mandatory empty!??


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