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Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

This is a photo I created this week:

ISO 800 185mm 0ev f/11 1/250

ISO 800 185mm 0ev f/11 1/250

It took quite a few steps to get there.  First was, of course, to pick up the camera and take a picture.  I was thinking this was a serene looking moment as the rest of my busy life swirled around.  I bracketed the photo as I was shooting and created an HDR image out of it:

ISO 800 185mm 0ev f/11 1/250

ISO 800 185mm 0ev f/11 1/250

Then in Photoshop I created a sepia version:

ISO 800 185mm 0ev f/11 1/250

ISO 800 185mm 0ev f/11 1/250

I liked that version, but in the back of my mind I was really thinking about black and white photography.  I spend a lot of time looking at images and other people’s creative work.  I had recently been at Hammer Home, a street photography blog, and looked at and commented on this image.  If you look at that image you might think there is no connection to the black and white that I created, and on the surface you would be right.  It’s just that I was thinking when I looked at my final image, that I had been influenced by what I had seen and thought about earlier. To get my final version, I have actually applied four things in Photoshop.  I started with a black and white layer, added a photo filter with an underwater tint, added noise, and then added a Iris blur.

That’s a lot of small, but easy, steps to get to my final version.  At this point you might be wondering why I am calling this post “Optimistic”? It is because of a feeling I have every time I set out to create something.  It is the, slightly intoxicating, optimism of creation.  I feel this way every time I set out to create an image; I get a similar feeling when I set out to write this blog.

Do you experience this optimism in your creative endeavors?  Feel free to comment about it below, if you’ve blogged about it, feel free to leave a link to your post. Feel free to leave comments on my editing or photo processing below as well.



34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

  1. claowue says:

    It’s true. You have to be optimistic that something great will come out of the creative work you do. In this case your optimism helped you to a brilliant winter-picture! I really love the sepa-picture.


  2. I love the romance of the original photo, Amy, as well as how you have ‘processed’ it. Ever the optimist – if I wasn’t, I would never make/do anything. I aspire to your professionalism with my own work.


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  4. I’ve never really thought about how I feel when I take picture or process them. I don’t really take picture for the purpose of taking picture (for example, going outside and take a picture). Usually, I keep pictures when I’m travelling. It’s just to keep a memory of my travels. So I think I feel what I feel at that exact moment, and it’s different all the time. When I process them, I feel nostalgia. I think everyone experience different things 🙂 But maybe if I was going outside with the unique purpose of taking a picture I would feel optimistic


  5. You are in great shape following Allan. I love the second image the best. It really brings out the feel of the scene especially when the light is really lit unlike the other two. in the end, in the process of creating, you, yourself, get the final feel of what’s best for your creation. 😉


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