Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

I went to an exhibit a few weeks ago that has then been lurking in my brain ever since. I will say upfront that I tend to shy away from contemporary art, but still, there I was in the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, wandering through the galleries.  I had not taken my camera, it was a conscious choice; to go and visit with the art, but not bring along my full kit of art supplies.  I did however bring what I consider sometimes to be my sketch pencil, that is my phone.  I’ll take snapshots of things that interest me so that I can come back to them later.

When I saw the theme for this week’s photo challenge, this display floated back to the front of my brain.  The exhibit was called “Not Human” by artist Arcangelo Sassolino.  This particular piece was not working the day I was there so I found this video on Youtube of what it is supposed to look like.

Figurante, 2010 Steel, bone, and hydraulic system
Figurante, 2010
Steel, bone, and hydraulic system

I will tell you that what this photo doesn’t show is blood that was dripping down the jaws and onto the floor.  Overall, the exhibit was noisy and messy for an art exhibit.  All but one of the pieces moved in someway.  A certain amount of housekeeping is required daily for this exhibit.

Speaking of housekeeping,  I’d just like to let my readers know that I am in the process of a pretty big move and so will not be posting as regularly over the next few months. I’m hoping to still post and visit other blogs, but overall my “blogging time” will be less than usual in the short term.

So what do you think of the work of art? I found the display different and the most thought provoking exhibit I saw that day.  Feel free to leave a comment below, let me know too, if you watched the video of the art in action.



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  1. Different and thought-provoking – yes. A little disturbing also? Yes, in my opinion! Good art is meant to provoke and disturb, so I think it succeeds; I’m just the squeamish type.


  2. the video was disgusting – imho – ha! and even with the time lapse speed up and moved the video forward. yuk – and yuk.

    but the other side is the cool artsy idea for this modern artist – and PERFECT for dinner time theme. so thanks for sharing. (but ulk)

    and I was going to ask you how you were doing on getting ready to move. I also need to show you the teacups I hung up. The frame I used is only so-so – but it was nice getting it up on the wall and not having it ont he to do list. I will write more later.

    oh and I like how you called the phone your sketch pad.


    1. Yeah, I agree about the video, even though I was glad I watched it after seeing the piece in person. I just found it interesting I guess, having seen it while it wasn’t working I was just curious to see it in action.

      The move is coming along fine, just a lot to do. I would like to see the teacups. I am planning to visit your blog soon.

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      1. Well even if it was yuk to me – I feel all cultured learning and seeing stuff like this – so I love when you share from the art shows you visit – and you really showed me that St Louis has some great events.
        I will post about the teacups a bit later – want to finish my nephew’s piece and had some stuff to finish first – we had such a busy (but awesome) last two months – with the exception of losing Cody (woof) – but I also shared about the teacups with my psych class and told them how you took more than 600 photos for it – and they were in awe.


  3. Yikes! I watched the video and I admit I don’t like it at all. Definitely different but not my cup of tea or piece of meat in this case.
    Best of luck with your move. I hope it goes as smoothly as possible.


  4. That is an interesting exhibit. As you said, can’t really see the blood dripping but already, it looks feral. Generally I don’t like taking a camera to take photos of artwork at exhibitions, so I use my phone. Good luck with moving and hope it all goes well. Take care 🙂


  5. An interesting piece, Amy. To me, art is like wine – each of us have preferences, either we like it or we don’t. There is a lot of modern art I enjoy, as much as I enjoy the masters. Sorry, Arcangelo, yours just doesn’t appeal to me as “art”. However, with the help of the video, I was hugely impressed by the engineering.


    1. Ok, fair criticism of the post, so here is a link to an archive of the display:http://camstl.org/exhibitions/main-gallery/arcangelo-sassolino/ I’m sending it along because it includes the description that was on the wall in the gallery. It does help to pull the exhibit together. I will also say that the day I was there, my friend and I got caught up in a conversation with one of the security guards who had had plenty of time to take in the exhibit and various ways people had responded to it. That helped me process and understand the whole thing better as well.


      1. “His work calls into question the qualities one must possess to be human, while raising doubt about agency and empathy in our contemporary consciousness.” Thank you! That was very helpful.


  6. Whew — not my idea of art. Apparently I don’t have my morbid curiosity under control because I watched the whole video! It definitely conveys the power of animals’ jaws. Good luck with your move. Never an easy task!


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