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Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

Editing photos can be a fun way of interpreting the earth around you. This photo is an image I created in Photoshop:

ISO 400 4.3 f/2.7 1/250

ISO 400 4.3 f/2.7 1/250

The reality of what I saw was closer to this:

ISO 400 4.3 f/2.7 1/250

ISO 400 4.3 f/2.7 1/250

The larger story was that I had gone to the park bench these flowers were growing next too because I thought it would be a good photo.  It turns out it wasn’t.  Even the various edited versions could not match the beauty or serenity I saw in the moment.  That’s a bit frustrating.  But when I got home, this images above, that I didn’t think much of when I was taking it, ended up being the image that I liked best.   On this particular day, I had both of my cameras with me, but it was this image taken with my point and shoot that I liked best.  In Photoshop the image was cropped and sharpened.  I then applied a preset filter in Lightroom that gave it a different color and I also added a bit of grain.

Has that ever happened to you? You are sure a certain image is going to be a gem, only to find out the riches are hidden in another image?  Feel free to leave a comment below.  The edited image looks quite different from the original, what do you think of the change?



32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

  1. My editing skills are limited mainly to applying ‘Auto Correct’ – but even that illustrates what you say. Sometimes I am delighted with the effect that comes up with, but often I much prefer, and use, the original.


  2. I totally agree, and your post is so timely. I watched a spectacular sunset last night and was sure I’d get some great shots. Even edited, they really don’t capture any of the majesty of the monent. I do love your shot above; the unedited version slightly more perhaps?


  3. graydaysandcoffee says:

    That happens to me all the time, especially when photographing flowers. For some reason I struggle big time on composition– especially when there is more than one flower. And more than once, the photo I snapped more carelessly and had more doubts about has turned out to be the one I like best.


  4. Sometimes the technology brings us down to earth with a bang. 😖 I frequently have the same issues with the camera’s version of colours, and it is often the blues that are most affected. So glad I’m not alone, Amy.


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  6. I like them both. I’ve taken photos I thought would be “the one” and had them be disappointments and I’ve had the reverse happen. I’ve certainly taken photos of something whose glory could not be completely captured, even with edits, and I’ve sometimes gasped and smiled when I saw what I’d gotten. Part of the fun and the frustration, isn’t it?



  7. hey amy – this happens all the time with me – being amatuer and all – 🙂 – but I come home to find the ones I hoped woould be gems – were not. And then sometimes an upview of a tree would take my breath away.
    and side note – as an art teacher (when I taught artthatis…) I noticed there were two kinds of art- the ones that photographed well and the ones that did not! Some pieces hadto be seen in person – others – the photo made them look better


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