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Designed for You

When we were planning our trip to Wales, we decided we wanted to explore Snowdonia National Park.  Our hardest hike of the week was going to be Mt. Snowden.  For us, the path that made the most sense was the Llanberis Pass, at nine miles, it was the longest way up and back, but is the least technical of the six main paths up the mountain.  We would be climbing 3,199 feet and the Llanberis path had the most gradual ascent of our choices.  This is what awaited us at the top:

ISO 800 50mm 1/2000 f/13

ISO 800 50mm 1/2000 f/13

Technically, this is a panorama.  It is two photos stitched together.  The originals were incredibly hazy, but after I had created the panorama in Photoshop.  I used Lightroom’s “dehaze” sider to make it clearer.  I also used the clarity slider and sharpened the image a bit.  I didn’t take the haze out completely though because I knew I had a clearer image.

I also had hiked with my iPhone and I created this panorama:

ISO 25 4.15mm1/2500 f/2.2

ISO 25 4.15mm1/2500 f/2.2

It’s clearer, and certainly the sky is bluer, but to me the first photo more closely represents what this hike meant to me. We had designed our trip around this hike.  It was what we scheduled ourselves for the first day in case we had to delay or reattempt it another day later in the week.  It was the hardest hike I’ve done in awhile.  So getting to the top was more about the serenity and silence of the first image than the community that is represented in the second.  The haze and lack of people in the first image to me look more like a postcard or an image you might print and put on your wall.

Do you plan your holidays around a single activity or goal? Do you bring back a photo from your holidays that represent the trip? Do you sometimes go with out a camera on purpose?  How do you feel about my two images, they do represent two different things don’t you think? Feel free to leave a comment below.



19 thoughts on “Designed for You

  1. Answering your questions, Amy. Yes, yes, often. Somehow, I imagine the stitched image is more realistic, at least of how I expect the Welsh atmosphere to look (when it is not actually raining LOL). Sometimes I think the iPhone sees the world too clearly, like those postcards of Los Angeles without smog! I do love playing with the panorama tool though. Brava for the climb 🙂


  2. I actually love both images. Both panoramas are done so seamlessly. Agree that the first one would be great on a postcard. It is a great view from the top. 9 miles is quite the hike, especially going uphill. I like hiking too but have not attempted such a feat as of yet. But I suppose if I do, I think I will spend quite a bit of it in silence – reserving all energy to make it to the top.

    I always, always bring my camera along with me. Always want a shot to remember the moment and love editing it afterwards 🙂


  3. Great photos! Yes, I sometimes leave my camera or don’t take out my phone every change I get. It’s usually on the second day let’s say by that time I have captured a few photos to share with family and then just enjoy the scene myself 🙂


  4. Hi Amy – I read this a couple days ago (but was off the wp grid and so can’t leave comments – well I could – but easier to wait for a log in)
    anyhow – I love the serenity vs community vibe in the photos –
    and I was surprised to see that many folks – looks like a lot of people hike….
    and whew – what a reward for your effort – ☀️


    • Yes, this is a popular hike, so I was sharing the top with a lot of folks. It was interesting though how you can have your own private moment even in a crowd.
      Part of the reason though, that I like the second photo is that I like it when I go out to an wild outdoor space like this and there are a lot of people there. I’m one of those folks who thinks being outside is good for you, so it makes me happy to see other people outside as well.

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