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Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

While walking this weekend, I came across this ram:

ISO 400 50mm 1/80 f/22

ISO 400 50mm 1/80 f/22

Looks a bit forlorn don’t you think?  He perked up a few minutes later though:

ISO 400 50mm 1/80 f/22

ISO 400 50mm 1/80 f/22

Why? it wasn’t because I told him how perfectly I thought his horns framed his face. No, it was because there was a working dog who was starting the process of getting the rams rounded up.

When I took these photos I used an f-stop of 22 to capture a lot of detail.  I wanted to get the texture of the grassy and rocky ground as much as the ram.  When I went to edit though, the color was a bit washed out.  In this case, I used the levels adjustment in Photoshop to bring back the whites in the photo.  It was a fairly easy fix, just a question of moving a slider.  Once I had done that, in Lightroom I added a vignette.  In this case, I used the sider to darken the corners of the image a bit.  While a vignette can be used to create a very dramatic effect, in this case I used just a little bit of darkening to subtly draw your eye into the photo.  It can be a unobtrusive way to frame a photo.

This ram caught my eye because I thought he was a beautiful creature. I think that happens a lot with photography, that some small editing tweaks are needed to bring out what I had originally caught my eye.  Do you agree? or do you edit in a more dramatic fashion or skip editing altogether?  Feel free to leave a comment below.



20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

  1. I thought the vignette worked very well, and the ram’s white face stands out to me. He is a cute thing, minding his own business. I like a more natural style of editing like you did with this image. Subtle and nothing overly dramatic that screams the photo is “edited”. Of course, there are some occasions when experimenting wildly in post-processing brings out intriguing images too.


  2. Oh, I’m definitely an editor. I know this would go against the grain of those photographers who are passionate about the craft of photography but I approach my photography differently. I see each image as a an art piece. Not that they all are, by any means, but I like to go in and make of what i can.


  3. Lovely captures PJB, the ram is very sweet. Agree wholeheartedly w your approach altho sometimes it’s fun to play w things like textures and effects when we’re feeling extra creative!


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