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Here and Now

I tend to take a camera with me everywhere I go, even if it is just my iPhone, because while I think you can come back to a place and photograph it many times, I also think that it will not ever be exactly the same.  While I was out running the other day, I saw this spiderweb and decided that if I did stop right then, I would never get this photo:

Morning scene, edited

ISO 25 4.15 f2.2 1/900

While you could make the argument that I will never be a better runner if I’m always stopping to look around, you’re right! I wouldn’t disagree.  But I also know that one of the reasons I run is to be present in the here and now, and that includes looking at my surroundings.

Now, before you get to thinking that I am some purist about photography, have a look at the actual original unedited photo:

Morning scene

ISO 25 4.15 f2.2 1/900

Can you tell I am sorry that summer is over? Sorry enough that I edited in some warmth.  In this case I used split-toning and added a copper tone to the shadows.  I also cropped and sharpened the image.  I’ve added a graduated filter, in this case from top to bottom, and a vignette to darken the corners.  While I did the cropping and sharpening in Photoshop, I did the other edits in Lightroom. I felt that the graduated filter was an important edit, that’s what brought a bit of texture and interest to the sky.

I was happy the graduated filter worked in part because I had used it recently when editing another photo and ended up removing the edit because it worked so poorly in that case.  As a result of that edit gone wrong, I had a bit of a discussion with another blogger about the use of that filter. I think with editing tools, sometimes you just have to try the edit and see if it works.  The results can be interesting, if not always what you wanted.  That’s what your digital trash can is for I think.  It was another blogger named Amy that I was talking with, and I’m including a link to a recent post of hers that I enjoyed. A version of this photo is available on Picfair.

What do you think of my edits? do you liked the warmed up version, or do you think I should just face facts and stick with the original? Do you sometimes have conversations with other people that influence what you are doing in your own work?  Feel free to comment below.




44 thoughts on “Here and Now

  1. Wow, this is a jewel! What a capture, Amy.
    Thank you so much for taking time to explaining the graduated filter. I haven’t used it much at all. Thank you for the link, I’m honored. 🙂
    Have a great week!


  2. I personally prefer the original image, it feels a lot more atmospheric and has a lot of beauty within it. I am always grateful how nature presents itself and do very little editing (mostly with beach photographs when I edit out other people on the beach as I respect their privacy). You need to go with what feels right for you. We all have our own way of expressing ourselves creatively and it would be a dull world if we all did the same! :o)


  3. I really like your edits: all the more because I enjoyed reading about your thought processes. I think it’s slightly disingenuous to suggest that in-edited images are somehow more pure or more correct. The very process of framing a photo is editing. What is left out, and how the shot is framed are as much editorial as any colour filters or sharpening tools. I guess it comes down to why we take and share photos. If it’s to communicate — with others or across time. — then why not use all the tools at our disposal to enhance that communication.


  4. I like both photographs. Each one has its own story, its own mood as it were. The original feels mistier, and the amazing shape with water drops pops out more, more focused, in contrast to its surroundings. I like the way you explore different renditions of a subject and share your process. I learn a lot from this. After all, how many versions of hay stacks, waterlilies and Charing Cross bridge are out there? And each one is amazing!


  5. tlcmom1980 says:

    I enjoyed both photographs. Thank you for sharing the way you do. Web’s are one of my favorite. I saw a dream catcher as well. Very inspirational!!!


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  7. Hi Amy – I like your warmed up version – and how cool that you paused your run for a shot like this –
    I have learned that I tend to “never” get back for a photo when I think I will – so I try and pause and “make” it Happen-
    For example – at the wedding last weekend – behind a bush someone had dumped a bouquet of flowers – and I made my spouse wait so I could get the shot – then we walked a corridor (large church) and I told him I wanted to get a photo of something in the hall – but then i said I would get some shots on the way out – well….
    That never happened – we left from another door! So I am grateful I grabbed the photo when I did.
    I almost wonder if “taking the shot on the spot” is more about efficiency too. Like about 15 years ago I learned to write and send thank you cards right away – (don’t say you will come back with it if you can give it right then) and learned to trash junk mail immediately before it could pile –

    Ok – just one more tidbit:
    – I had to laugh imaging someone jogging with a big ol’ camera – long lens and tripod strapped to the back – lol – I know I u said it was iPhone – but that image came to my mind (of you jogging with all the gear) and gave me a chuckle! 😂😅😠


  8. pierrmorgan says:

    The ingenuity of that spider! It’s like a butterfly net. Thanks for spotting it so we could see it too…on your warm – and cool – morning run.


  9. I love the edit version of the photo. The warm tint gives it a definite feeling of summer. As for you question about editing or not, I believe there is not one answer. It really depends on what the photo is. Are we talking documentary then hardly any editing should be done. If it’s more of an artistic expression, anything goes. 🙂


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