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Wearing the Air

It was foggy this morning when I went out for my run.  How foggy was it? you might ask.  Foggy enough to fog my glasses.  It felt more like wearing the air than breathing it.  It felt like this:

What it felt like

What it felt like

Can you feel the fog closing in your vision? Lightroom helped me achieve this by sliding the Dehaze setting into negative territory.  I also added a graduated filter set with the temperature to a slightly cooler setting.  I desaturated the image slightly and added a bit of grain, and lightened the corners a bit using vignetting.

What my iPhone says it looked like:

What my iPhone thought it looked like.

What my iPhone thought it looked like.

It’s a bit brighter than the edited version and highlights the fall color.  I left it as is.  However, I had been running for awhile when I took this picture.  Long enough for the endorphins to have kicked in, so my brain was thinking about it more like this:

What it felt like, the ideal version

What it felt like, the ideal version

In this version, I’ve used the Dehaze slider to remove a bit of the fog and the temperature slider is up into warmer territory. This version more closely represents what I was feeling at that moment.

Interesting, isn’t it, how the way you are feeling can change the way you observe what is around you?  What do you think of my re-created run?  Do you find yourself shooting or editing differently based on your mood? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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