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Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

It was Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night, so time to light up the night:

ISO 3200 50mm f/2.5 1/320

ISO 3200 50mm f/2.5 1/320

Really, it looked more like this:

ISO 3200 50mm f/2.5 1/320

ISO 3200 50mm f/2.5 1/320

But I was looking to add a bit of chaos to the original image.  I thought creating a triptych would add that to this particular edit.  I’ve also edited it to blur and lengthen the trails of the exploding firework.  I did this with the Nik Lightroom add-on, Analog Efex Pro, which has a setting that adds a second exposure.

A triptych is different than what I usually do with my editing, but I liked the outcome and added it to my Picfair collection. Shooting at night is challenge for me, in part because I just don’t do it all that often.  I have a lot of photos from this night that went straight to the trashcan.  I’m not one to be to bothered by just giving something a try to see how it works out. I really think that is the only way you can learn when it comes to photography, you have to just give it a try.  See what works or doesn’t. Do a bit of research, collect some tips, but ultimately, just go and take some photos.

How do you like the edit? do you feel like it is more chaotic than the original? I don’t do much night photography, is there a type of photography that you avoid?  Feel free to leave a comment below.



10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

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  2. We were just explaining what s triptych was to some teens because my nephew had NYC on three panels –
    Anyhow – I like the triple look and you are so right – have to try and research and learn….


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