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Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic

Photography is like magic.  This photo for instance:

ISO 400 4.3mm 1/30 f/2.7

ISO 400 4.3mm 1/30 f/2.7

Looks like a nice peaceful and quiet spot right?  That’s exactly why I took the shot, because it stood out in stark contrast from the surrounding scene, a bustling Christmas Market at Ely Cathedral.  But finding this little gem of a scene was just the beginning.  The rest of the magic is in the editing.  Here is the original file:

ISO 400 4.3mm 1/30 f/2.7

ISO 400 4.3mm 1/30 f/2.7

You can see now that I did some edits that have a pretty big impact on the final file.  It wasn’t the first thing I did, but one of the edits that I think helped a lot was to use the healing brush tool in Photoshop to remove the mark on the column and some of the smudges on the pillar candle.  I could have removed all the imperfections on the candle but chose not to because the marks do remind the viewer that this is a spot that is used by many people.  I also warmed the temperature of the photo in Lightroom and applied a vignette to keep your eye in the frame. A version of the final is in my Picfair portfolio.

After taking my photo, I stayed here for a few minutes before heading back to the crowds and stalls of the market. Do you think photography is magical?  What do you think of the moment I have created here? I hope you found it peaceful and relaxing, as that was my intent.  Feel free to leave a comment below.




16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic

  1. I actually think what you did was magical. Much more warmth to the final image, whereas in the before image it looked like a bit of a sad candle on the street. Love how you cropped the image too and positioned the candle a little bit more left of centre. You can certainly sense darkness around that way, but light so much more as well.

    Hope you enjoyed the market.


  2. So much magic. Some image require editing to make it look better, but in this case, it’s very well justified. You totally created magic. I also use the “Retouch” function on Windows Photo, but I think Photoshop is a better tool to remove distractions on images.


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