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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

I love exploring new places. Regular readers of this blog will know that the natural world holds a special place in my heart. Sometimes though the road I take leads me to photos like this one:

ISO 800 50mm f/10 1/250

I spotted this window last week as I was walking down the street in a new town.  It’s not the kind of photo I usually take, but it made laugh out loud, so I took that to mean I should take the photo.  Here is the original:

ISO 800 50mm f/10 1/250

I really felt that this photo needed a bit of editing, but that it would be important not to go overboard.  I stuck with Lightroom to do the edits.  I have cropped it because I thought the brick was a distraction.  I increased the clarity and saturation.  I then added a vignette to the edges.  All of my edits were done with the thought of making the photo pop a little more, but not scream “I’ve been edited!”

Do you think the edits are successful? Would you have edited it differently? and here’s a question, would you have taken the photo in the first place?  Your thoughts are welcome below.



33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

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  2. I would definitely have taken the shot. I begs the question, why is Charles there? In terms of editing, I’ve changed over the years to believe that not editing a shot is about the same as writing a story and not editing it either. As long as the edit says what you want, it works. My wife, who’s much better at composition would say that your edit focused our eyes on the photograph, so it’s successful. She always asks, “What is it that you want the viewer to look at?” When I started thinking in those terms, my editing improved dramatically.


  3. I would definitely have taken the picture, it’s a very funny one! I’m no specialist in terms of editing photos, but I would say I’d like the edited version a little less dark. Overall it does grab our attention better though, I think 🙂


  4. I like your edits – and this photo made me laugh a bit too – so fun. also – earlier this year we watched some of the Princess Di documentaries and so a photo like this feels in line with the mood I guess. and then the window and shutters behind it have such an old English vibe – so thanks for bring us to England with you, Amy…. 🙂


  5. Hi Amy! After looking at the images, reading your post, and reading the comments, then looking back at the photo, a word popped into my mind: ghoulish. He looks rather ghoulish in that image, doesn’t he? On the one hand it inspires a sort of pity – no one likes to be caught on camera (in the original photo pinned to the window) in an unflattering view. On the other hand, it inspires a sort of fear or apprehension. What is inside the head? Not only that, what is behind the white window shutter, inside the house? A mind that is either laughing or making a macabre point? 🙂 Thanks for the invitation to speculate!


  6. This might be the perfect edit I’ve remember which you’ve done. I think it’s the subject material that made it easy. Darkening the edges was a great idea. Great job!


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