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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

I love technology, but only sometimes.  I think it would be accurate to call me a fair weather technology fan. This is especially true when it comes to social media.  I had been wondering for sometime, like ever since I signed up for an account, how to get my photos from Lightroom to Instagram. The most obvious solution to me was to create a folder in Lightroom and then have that folder on Lightroom mobile on my phone. I think the trendy phrase, “epic fail” is fair to use here. Lightroom mobile did not load properly on my phone. Wow, I have a newish phone and everything and it was a meltdown.  I grumbled many things as I reset my phone.  Mostly about how I hate Adobe, creator of Lightroom and all Photoshop products.  And honestly, I could write a very long post about my gripes over Adobe. I’ll spare you.

So, I put to the side the idea of getting photos from Lightroom to Instagram, but not really; there is nothing I love to chew on more in the back of mind than things that don’t really matter.  Then within the last week I read a few blog posts that made me think about my little problem again. Instead of just googling for the answer, why don’t I try asking some bloggers who are also on Instagram how they do it? I’d like to thank Otto von Munchow, Cardinal Guzman, and Jeff Golenski for responding to the question I posed on their blogs. To you reading this post, I’ve linked their first name to their blog and their surname to their Instagram.

As to their answers, they were all different. However, reading their answers did make me realize my work around. It is super basic and you may wonder why I didn’t think of it first. Why did I even have to spend all this time researching apps and other things?  But there you have it, I don’t always think of the easiest answer first.  Here is my Instagram photo from Lightroom:

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Spotted in #Oxford #latergram #canon50d

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How’d I do it? Exported the photo in question from Lightroom to my desktop and used Airdrop to transfer it to my camera roll and added it to Instagram from there.  Pretty simple.

I wish I had asked my fellow bloggers sooner.

Here’s the part where I ask you what you think, how much do you love or not love technology? Where do you go to get your technology questions answered? feel free to leave a comment below. If you have gotten this far and would like another link, I have one for you.  Jessie is giving away a book along with a print of mine that I donated for her Book at the Door giveaway this month. Check out her post for a chance to win.



22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

  1. Good to hear you’ve got a workaround. I don’t edit that many photos and only do so as and when I have the time. Usually when I do, it is only one or two photos at a go and I use a USB cable to transfer my photos to my S7 phone. Each to their own. I haven’t had any gripes about Adobe but sometimes, it lags on my computer. I’m pretty sure I mentioned this before, and it could probably be due to my laptop’s limitations.

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  3. Merilee says:

    LOL. If I were to tell you what my process is, you would laugh. I am technically challenged and I figure things out for myself in a very unorthodox way. It works for me. If there was such a thing as “technical dyslexia”, that would describe me. The ways in which I get my image onto my camera roll are varied… 😉

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  4. Oh, Amy, you have hit on a pet peeve of mine. It seems like something should be so straightforward but … and suddenly it’s hours later and you still haven’t sorted it out. Not for lack of trying. I’m sitting in front of my MacBook Pro, which under the latest operating system suddenly uses iCloud. And seemingly most of my files are up there. Not on my local machine. Huh? After two different working sessions with Apple Support (this was a couple of months ago), it’s still in a half-half state, where I foolishly-impulsively downloaded the directory branch with my main set of files on it, but really I don’t think I should have done that, because now the system is not one way or the other. I haven’t had the heart or energy to sort it out. Maybe your post will inspire me! 🙂 Kudos on your achievement!

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  5. This post comes like a present and a painkiller for headaches, Amy! 🙂 I have been chewing on this problem for weeks, how on earth to do they do this …
    Now I just have to solve one last problem – when I try to do something on Instagram, IG won’t let me. Because my E-Mail is being used by someone else … Me. Hmmm.


  6. I like technology as long as it does not frustrate me. And, that is a fine line. I love my laptop and sometimes I hate it. Same for my iPad. The hate has to do with browsers or apps that don’t work well. So, I am actually annoyed at the people who create these things for multimillion dollar companies, where stuff should work! As for a SmartPhone… I think the annoyances of learning how to use one and all its little intricacies would drive me crazy, so I don’t have a phone at all. Easy peasy. Skype does the trick. 🙂


    • Agreed, these things should work. Which brings me to a pet peeve of mine, Skype. If you don’t have the app open and running, it won’t let you pick up a phone call. But if it is open and running (I’m talking laptop or cellphone) it is a battery killer. It should work better. Also, anytime a company starts using words like “seamless” and “intuitive” I know its going to be a pain and not work right.

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      • Agreed. I know in this day and age it is not really possible, but the only way to deal with technology in my opinion is to have a laid-back attitude and be OK if something doesn’t work. I have planned phone calls with a couple of people close to me every week and I usually initiate the Skype calls. Other than that, it either works or I assume people will leave a message on our Skype voice mail. I do realize that, when running a business (like my husband is doing) this can all be very frustrating. And, it has been. Looking forward to a simpler life again with less reliance on technology! 🙂


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