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Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!

In case you thought it was safe to leave the house, my teenager will tell you it’s not:

ISO 800 50mm f/10 1/250

Pictured above, a dinosaur, not my teenager.

This is the terrifying or hilarious sight that awaits you at the entrance of National Showcaves Centre for Wales. It kind of depends on how you feel about dinosaurs. As I was sitting eating my lunch not far from this dino, the reaction was mixed.  Some young visitors were really excited.  Others were wondering what they had done that their parents were punishing them this way. My  teenager was firmly insisting that we walk straight past the dinosaurs to get to the caves and not take photos like this to post to Instagram:

But as my teenager can tell you, there is a danger in leaving the house with your parents.  They are likely to do highly embarrassing things while at the same time making it obvious that they are your parents.  So, what’s a teen to do? Consider these steps:

  • Ignore parents, perhaps they will stop talking about stupid poses they want to do.
  • Hiss at them to be quiet, in the hopes they will drop the subject of posing with dinosaurs. Be careful with your technique when applying this step.
  • Agree to one photo, after all Mom like never actually posts photos of you to social media, so probably no one will ever see the photo and you can move on to seeing the caves.
  • Consider rolling your eyeballs (no wait, definitely roll your eyeballs) as you finally move on to the caves and wonder why your parents are so impossible sometimes.

In addition to providing those helpful tips for dealing with impossible parents, I will talk a bit about the actual photos.  The top photo was taken with my Canon 50D. While I was taking the photo I thought about composition, I wanted the dinosaur to mostly fill the frame. I also considered a few different angles, trying to get as much of the metal fence and shop that was next to the dinosaur out of the photo, so I wouldn’t have to worry about cropping later.  In Lightroom, I sharpened the photo a bit and also did a white balance adjustment.  In this case I just used the eyedropper tool, picked a neutral white spot, and Lightroom made the white balance adjustment.

With the Instagram version, white balance is out the window.  The photo, taken with my iPhone, is more about setting a scene than reflecting the actual scene. What the two photos have in common is my thoughts on composition.  In both of them, I thought about filling the frame with the subject and about keeping later cropping to a minimum.

Also, there were caves, but the dinosaurs were awfully fun to photograph.  Has that happened to you, you go out with the thought of taking photos of a sight, but then get distracted by something else like dinosaurs? There are a lot of ways to manage white balance in editing software, do you have a favorite method? Parents! like what is with them?  Feel free to leave a comment below.



24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!

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  2. I like dinosaurs, but the first one really looks very angry and that does not make me comfortable. As Paula, said, it looks so real 😀 ‘why your parents are so impossible sometimes’ But you make the possible possible with your photography, Amy 🙂 I’ve mentioned this before, but I really dislike cropping so I will try to compose my shot as best I can.


    • Yes, that one really is a bit scary. Interesting to me was the fact that there was one child who was obviously terrified by that one, but the other dino nearby that was moving (!) he ran right up too.
      This was one time where thinking about framing was a bit of a no brainer because the distracting elements were so close by and very distracting!

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    • I guess it just goes to show that some kids do actually find them terrifying. Here’s what I found interesting, there was one animated one and most kids did not find it frightening, even if they were scared of the others. Personally, I thought that would have been the other way around.


  3. Great photo, Amy. I at first thought it was real and was marvelling at the perfectly even and white teeth. 😀 Maybe your teenager should write a guide to parents on how to behave whilst out with their youngsters.


  4. Amy, I so enjoy your side narratives about photos you take. Not about being distracted, but about an unexpected photo taken, my husband and I recently went on a just-the-two-of-us holiday and thought we’d get our photo taken in a place we are sentimental about. (It was where he asked me to marry him.) Unfortunately, the photo we asked a bystander to take was in front of a wall of windows – at the airport overlooking the tarmac – and of course it came out overexposed (backlighting), since I only used my iphone. We did, however, have another bystander take a second photo from the side (windows to one side) and that turned out better. Hah!


      • Yeah. It was funny because where he asked me is a place in our airport that used to be a steak restaurant overlooking the tarmac (this was back in the 1980s). All leather chairs and paneling, etc. Then when they redid the airport they made that area a huge wall of windows, floor to ceiling at least a couple of stories tall. So here we thought, oh, take our photo in front of the windows … but it was not good. 🙂 Maybe I will post the two photos we got, maybe, with this little story … others might find it amusing as well…! 🙂


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