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Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

Sometimes a photo challenge theme fits nicely into work that I have in progress.  This past weekend I was in London, in part to see Tower Bridge:

ISO 250 20mm 1/2000 f/8.0

Recently I purchased a new lens, it’s a wide angle lens, 11-22mm, to complement my 50mm and 70-200mm lens.  I am thinking of using this lens mostly for landscapes. I will also be pressing it into service in city settings. In particular shots taken in the interior of buildings where my 50mm struggles to get the whole of what I am trying to capture. A wide angle lens can also be used to create a beautifully different perspective of a scene:

ISO 250 14mm 1/800 f/8.0

These photos are two of one hundred and fifteen that I took of the bridge.  Getting the pictures home, I put them in Lightroom, which is always my first step.  I have taken a look through all the images and these two above are among the images that I may edit later; as seen above they are not edited at all.  I will keep them in this state for awhile.  I find it helpful to have some time between my shoot and when I edit.  I find it hard to be objective about them when they are newly shot. Although eventually most of the photos will be deleted, nothing has been deleted yet. Photos I take with my larger camera are on the slow track in terms of my editing process.

The fast track consists of photos that I take on my phone.  They are often taken and then processed or discarded within twenty four hours.  This one was a keeper:

A successful photo on my phone is often an overview photo like this one.  More detailed photos I usually shoot with my larger camera.  I find it helpful to have both cameras with me, I find it creates a more complete narrative.

Do you shoot a single scene with more than one camera? Do you have a different approach to editing photos that are created out of your different cameras?  And yes, those first two photos really are unedited, it really was that bright and sunny in London last Sunday! Feel free to leave a comment below.



74 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

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  2. Q1; yes! 2nd camera is a phone, too. Q2: sometimes. And on occasion I find the image from the phone is better than the ‘real’ camera. What about you? BTW, I never knew there was such color in the Tower Bridge until seeing you photos. Cool!

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  3. You can have a lot of fun with a very wide lens 🙂 I normally shoot with just the one camera but I will probably try different lenses. The only time that changes is at football where the 7DII handles the action and the Fuji does the ‘cutaway’ shots of fans and other things of interest off the pitch. Hope you had a good time in London 🙂

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      • Changing lenses is something I’m comfortable with – I think it’s part of being a transport enthusiast 😉 Good photographic locations are limited so changing lenses is a way of adding variety to the shots you get.


  4. Hi Amy, I always look forward to reading a new post! The Instagram photo from inside of Tower of London is really amazing. Just so evocative; it makes me think of history and of who else might have been looking out that window over the centuries, etc. And the wide-angle shot from under the pedestrian walkways of Tower Bridge is really nice. I remember my oldest son Leslie and I walked those overhead walkways on our week-long visit back in the 2000s. We had lunch nearby and saw the bridge open (for a boat) – that was memorable. Thanks for bringing back a lovely memory of my son. 🙂


  5. a quick p.s. I always thought the Tower Bridge looked like a little like a festooned wedding cake, those side cable flourished and the elaborate architectural details atop the bridge towers … ! Your photo definitely brings out that quality.


  6. You captured the majesty of this bridge, Amy! I love the angle you took, and he lighting is perfect.
    The last one is lovely! I do try to take two, three shots from the same angle, just in case.
    I have been having trouble with my wide lens, photos were blurry, especially on the right and left sides. Have you have encountered the problem?


  7. I shoot with my Panasonic Lumix & my Samsung Galaxy S7 – I usually post maybe one or two to Instagram when I’m travelling and then when I get up home, upload all my photos to Lightroom for more extensive editing. I find that the two cameras take different aspects because of lens etc so I like the variety.

    Loved your last shot through the window – I love photos like that.


  8. Love the wide lens photos, such a different perspective – it’s like reality but it’s not at the same time. I’m thinking if getting one too every time I see a photo like this 😉


    • Yes, I had been considering this purchase for awhile, partially because I had seen what it was capable of doing. It took a bit of research to settle on what I thought might work best for me though, since there are quite a few options.


  9. Love that bridge, Amy, but I saw a few folks that weren’t enjoying it. I was walking around when I realised the traffic wasn’t moving, so I headed up Tower Bridge Road. Sure enough, the bridge had opened to let a cruise ship pass! At 2:30 in the afternoon! I guess Londoners are used to it, but it was a first for me.


  10. Lovely photos. You were there on a beautiful day and the wide perspective works very well here. I often take overview shots with the iPhone, as a quick reference. I don’t hesitate to change lenses on my camera if it is needed. If you have the equipment, use it.

    I always apply a preset on importing all my raw files. Things I know I will do anyway, to save me time doing them later. In editing there is the reset button if I don’t like it.


    • I have never really been comfortable with presets on import, partially because I have found the presets I have for exports on Lightroom often don’t actually work, I check the settings before I export and find that it has set to other things. I hadn’t really considered though that on import you would still have the reset button.


  11. Love your shot of the Tower Bridge. My second camera is my phone and I don’t make use of it as often as I should. Have fun working with your new lens.


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