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Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

Layers is what Photoshop calls them. They are a helpful tool that I use to create my images.  I used layers in a few different ways as I was creating this image:

ISO 640 95mm f/11 1/500

This original looked like this:

ISO 640 95mm f/11 1/500

When using layers the first step I take is to duplicate the original layer.  I then begin my edits on the second layer.  What this means is that if my edits go badly, one option I have is just to delete the duplicate layer and go back to the original.  In this case on the second layer, I cropped the photo, did a levels adjustment, sharpened it, and then added a photo filter.  Once I was happy with my edits I saved it. Because I use Lightroom as a catalog for my photos, when I am in Photoshop, I am actually saving a version to Lightroom.  Lightroom also keeps a copy of the original for me.  I like keeping a copy of any original that I have edited, because sometimes I go back to the original and edit the photo into another version.  This particular version I added to my portfolio at Picfair.  The version I posted to Instagram is here:

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#Swan in the glow of a #summer evening.

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What do you think of my layered version? In this case I focused on the warm glow of light.  I was thinking another direction to go with editing was the cooler blue tones.  Do you use layers to edit your photos? Have any related tips you want to share? Feel free to leave a comment below.



48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

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  2. I love P/S layers PJB and find them very useful, especially when dealing with blown out or boring skies. Do you use virtual copies in L/R to do multiple edits? I find that keeps the copies a bit easier to deal with. Love the warm glow swan!


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  4. I like the warmer tone it is more inviting. Interesting about the layers. I also uses Lightroom but I am a beginner with it and for the most part the photos I use on my blog are best when realistic. But it would be fun to fool around with some layers. So thanks for the inspiration!


  5. I am impressed how Adobe modeled Photoshop and Lightroom after the ‘mechanical’ used in conventional graphic design and illustration. The layering feature is a digital version of the acetone overlay.


    Nice adding of a lot of extra warming tones to give it the look of a golden hour shoot.


  6. Absolutely loved the warmth in this one. Lovely glow about it, a magical touch. I do layering if I want to add a lot of effects to the photo. If I’m just going to be editing one part of my photos and it’s minimal, then I’d just edit a copy of the photo as it is.


  7. I like that you keep a “safety” fallback with the original in your first layer. I am training myself to do the same when I import a photo into Apple Photos, that is, make a duplicate of the photo FIRST and then work on the duplicate. Lessons of experience!

    I enjoyed the warm feeling of your edited photo. Nice!


  8. I love the edited version. I sometimes use a layer to add text. I like the color of the light. Blue would have a totally different feel, but I bet it would be just as beautiful. Great shot of the swan!

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  9. Courageous Sunbeam says:

    Love it! I have always wanted to learn how to use photoshop. I do not believe in heavily editing but enhancing the beauty and art already present is amazing! Great shot and beautiful edit!!


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