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Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

I’ll admit I think slightly odd things at times. Like when I first saw this scene:

ISO 500 19mm f/16 1/125

All these beautiful planes looking out the window toward the airfield, like they would like to go out and play. So when I wanted to capture that thought, I went to the back of the hanger and shot out towards the airfield, as if taking a shot from the plane’s point of view.

This is a situation where shooting a bracketed exposure is a good idea.  My original photos were like this one:

ISO 500 19mm f/16 1/125

Because of the bracketing some images showed more detail inside the hanger and some more detailed outside.  Combining them into an HDR version gave me this:

ISO 500 19mm f/16 1/125

That’s nice if what you wanted to show the details of the scene, but really my original slightly wonky thought, was more about the idea of planes stuck in a hanger.  So that first photo is an edited version of the second photo in the post.  What I did to it was first to increase the vibrance and saturation, then I sharpened it a bit.  From there I applied a few filters.  The first filter gave it both a cooler blue tone and more of a film camera feel.  Then I added a vignette. That’s a way of darkening the corners of the photo. Usually, I would apply a vignette to the center of the photo and darken the edges uniformly.  In this case, it’s set so that your eye is drawn to the outside world, but I’ve left enough detail in the ceiling of the hanger, making it clear the planes are stuck inside. The details of the floor of the hanger are completely obscured, but in this case they were not important to the story of the photograph.

I took these photos at the Imperial War Museum Duxford in their display of American aircraft. The museum is huge and includes a working airstrip. Even if you do not have a particular interest in aircraft, this museum could keep you occupied for a day. What do you think of my interpretation?  What about the HDR version? Do you often photograph a scene thinking not just of what is technically in front of you but what story you could tell from the scene?  Feel free to leave a comment below.



28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

  1. Great photo, and thanks for sharing the details of the choices you made in editing it!
    Also I like your idea of considering what story the picture could tell, as you are taking the picture — a good way to think more creatively that had not occurred to me before.


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  3. Hi Amy! I love the imagination in your mind of “what if the planes wanted to go outside, what would that look like?” And I can see – after your explanation – that the first photo in the post really provides that feeling better, the slightly illuminated roof (not fully illuminated). I also thought the reflection below (water?) provided more of a feeling of aircraft going outside, maybe because it was like they were flying over water (as in movies) or maybe because it provided a bottom border for the framed hanger-shape of the window. Thanks!


  4. Love your idea and I think you captured it so well. The planes really do look like they are waiting to go out and play. I’m always thinking about story when shooting, although I generally have to think about how my photos will coalesce to illustrate my written story.


  5. well I viewed this post twice – earlier via mobile and now – larger view.
    the reflection in the first place was my fav takeaway of the larger view
    and the smaller view – well both actually – gave a great sense of scale.
    seeing the planes with that window makes one really feel the size of these planes – and I am sure they are not even close to being as big as, say, an airbus.

    and I like how you captured them wanting to go out to play…


  6. Just about every pilot and aircraft enthusiast would concur with the thought that the aircraft would rather be outside ‘playing’. Several of the aircraft in your photo will regularly see one of their sisters flying around outside when there is a fly-in or an airshow! So, I think your ‘imagination’ is more of an ‘Understanding’ 🙂

    Noise is a bit of an issue in the top shot – which is one of the risks associated with HDR processing. I wonder if a ‘grainy’ black and white version would suit the subject? Turn the noise into a positive! Just an idea 😉


  7. Nice post and great photos… To your question – “Do you often photograph a scene thinking not just of what is technically in front of you but what story you could tell from the scene?”, actually I think that more than just capturing the moment, every photo is meant to tell a story. To my mind, the beauty in a photo is not limited to the captured image, but moreso the beauty is in the story that the photo is trying to convey.


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