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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

Not too long ago I took part in a charity walk whose path toured the grounds of some of the colleges at Cambridge University that are normal shut to the public. There were a lot of beautiful buildings and gardens but at Corpus Christie College I was stuck by this scene of all the pedestrians observing the “stay off the grass” sign while a solitary bird ignored it completely:

ISO 1600 13mm f/20 1/400sec

Cheeky little bird!

It was a funny scene, but the original image was a bit, uninspired:

ISO 1600 13mm f/20 1/400sec

You can see I have done quite a few edits here, but one of the most important was applying a field blur in Photoshop. In this case, I have kept the bird in focus and purposely blurred all the people. Emphasizing the importance of the little rebel who was strutting around the grass looking down its beak at us walkers on the path.

Have you ever edited a photo to tell a story? Certainly this can be a bit of a controversial topic, but feel free to leave a comment below.



25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

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  2. I like the emphasis in your final version on the “popping” greenness of the grass and its bird occupant. Your story reminds me of times when I’m writing and I choose to focus on a specific detail in the description that may be a symbol or analogy of the thing that’s going on between two people – or something! That’s my “editing to tell a story” story! 🙂 Fun photo.

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  3. Well I am certainly no expert but I would like to think of photography as an art form where there are many ways to interpret it. I think by blurring the people you have really helped to tell the story, Edit on I say!

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  5. Fabulous picturestory! 🙂 In every court there are those signs, stay off the green. Quite impressive, actually. The vignette makes the bird stand out very nicely.


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