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Compare and Contrast

A few weeks ago my point and shoot camera returned home, having been lent out for a few months. I have been spending time getting re-aquainted with it, specifically with the menu options. This past weekend I took it and my iPhone to the Science Museum in London.  With the point and shoot, I took this:

Point and shoot, toy camera setting

ISO 500 4.3mm f/2.7 1/60

This is the “toy camera” setting, and I did not edit it any further.  With my iPhone I took this shot:

iPhone Version

ISO 320 4.15mm f/2.2 1/17

Which I then edited in Instagram:

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Old-school #mail #london @sciencemuseum

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Two completely different takes on the same subject. But something I noticed is that the pixel counts on the two cameras are very similar. The point and shoot does have better zoom capability though.

With my point and shoot again, I took this photo:

Red and Green Together

ISO 800 4.3mm f/2.7 1/125

Here I have used the macro setting. Since finding various settings has been the biggest challenge of having this camera back, I have taken to carrying it around with me everywhere and practicing a lot.

I chose the flower above as a subject in part because of a  photo challenge to show harmony with opposite colors. Examples of red and green working together are all around, but I thought I would start in the garden.

Have you ever returned to use a camera after a few months and found yourself facing a bit of a learning curve? How many cameras do you carry around? Feel free to leave a comment below.



23 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast

  1. The shots look good, can’t tell much difference which camera you used. There was a point last year when I did touch my camera, came back to it, remembered the settings but slow to navigate.


  2. The Instagram filter brings that photo alive! I do find the need to have to relearn equipment again after not using for awhile (predominantly the underwater camera that doesn’t come out as often as I’d like.


  3. Amy, I love the red-green contrast by putting the flower up front and the leaves in back. So inventive! I also really liked this phrase: “Since finding various settings has been the biggest challenge of having this camera back, I have taken to carrying it around with me everywhere and practicing a lot.” – I might consider this in some of the writing techniques I struggle with – just try them more often!

    And – I love your new look! The header image is fun and beautiful and engaging. I’ve been away, so maybe you changed it a while back. Kudos! Did you change your theme, too?


      • I love the theme. What a wonderful surprise to see when I checked back in on your blog!

        Yes, I did take a break, though it wasn’t planned. We had a situation with my younger son, who decided to move into the college residence hall when he started his quarter there – he had transferred from a community college and this was his first quarter. Well, he’s super-introverted and a bit cautious about anything new, and he didn’t quite realize how tough the transition would be and how isolating it would feel. He moved in Jan. 1, and that first night he told us he felt suddenly sad and alone. So we (me) talked him through the situation, and actually he’s doing much better. He is trying a part-time here, part-time there arrangement now (we’re only 1 mile from the University, and on a convenient bus line). Like tonight he’s spending two nights there and may come back over the weekend. Proud of him for stretching himself, as the parent I wanted to just yank him out of there because he seemed so alone and cut-off (hah), but he’s finding his way. Anyway, it took a lot of my time and attention that first week, and by the time things had settled down, I realized I hadn’t been blogging for a couple of weeks. It was fun to come back and see your updated look! 🙂


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