13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Orchid

  1. What a complicated image. It reminds me of another photo I found of Flickr that was of a tea plant flower. Lots of parts to it. Have you been doing Wordless Wednesdays before? I feel like this may be a new category of blog posting for you! πŸ™‚


    • It is new, and I may be doing that more this year. One of my close critics said she liked it because it was just a photo and not me going on about the process and she liked the breather. It was also me experimenting with the WordPress App on my phone, which I’m not sure I will really be using, but thought I should give it a try.

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      • Oh! That’s so interesting that you are trying wordless Wednesday. I actually missed hearing about the context. Hah! To each their own, huh? Your comment about trying the WordPress phone app reminds me of the parallel with me trying Instagram. I met a friend this weekend in Boston who suggested trying some of my drawings up there. πŸ™‚


      • Yes, exactly, to each their own. Wordless Wednesday is a bit of a challenge to me in that I tend to like to talk about my photo, instead of just leaving it there on its own. There is some valid thought though, to the idea that a photo should stand on its own, that it shouldn’t need explanation. I like Instagram, but that should really be no surprise, I’m quite a visual person. I’ll be curious to see if it’s a platform that you end up enjoying.

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      • Oh! I must say I like the annotation method you use on your photos, and I know it’s mostly about you journaling for yourself, but I like a peek into your thought process. I’m still trying to find my balance with Instagram. I have temporarily stopped drawing – family events intervening – but I like my friend Fay’s idea to post my drawings, rather than “daily snapshots” which also has its own appeal. So, I guess I need to start drawing again! Hah!


      • There, I think, you have revealed one of the tensions of social media, the idea that you have to create content. While that can be a good creative boost, it can also be a distraction or even get in your way. It’s something to be balanced anyway.

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