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Thursday Doors: Jour et Nuit

Day and Night, that’s the translation of the little sign next to these doors in Paris. They are the doors you can’t park in front of, something I thought Norm who runs the Thursday Doors community would appreciate, so I took the photo:

ISO 200 22mm f/13 1/30sec

When I was looking at the scene, I was also thinking about an upcoming selective color challenge. The blue sky reflected in the windows, I thought that would be fun to accentuate by desaturating the image but leaving the blue:

ISO 200 22mm f/13 1/30sec

It turns out that I didn’t want to leave the red out either. This edited version which leaves in the red and blue gives the photo a bit of a jewel-toned feel that appeals to me.  When the original image was sitting waiting to be edited, I also thought I would crop it using the straighten feature. I gave that a try and was surprised at how much I did not like the straightened version. So, my final edit is cropped but not straightened.

Have you had that happen to you, an edit you think is going to be straightforward and an obvious choice backfires on you? Feel free to leave a comment below.





29 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Jour et Nuit

  1. well glad you thought of Norm with your doors here, but I am sure many more of of us will thank you for your fun doors – and reflections and colors – so much to enjoy day or night – lol

    and enjoyed hearing about the edits – I guess it goes to show that thinking about an idea and then seeing it unfold are two different things – or can be

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  2. DreadGrace says:

    My edits (for fun using pics art) sometimes happen like that. But more often I’m the other way; I want to make grand changes and then 1 tiny thing brings out the magic.


  3. It is such a lovely blue in the other windows, even in the non-edited version. Almost thought they were curtains for a moment there. Agree with you on straightening. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out and you don’t get that balance feel.


    • The back and forth between RAW and Jpeg is a huge topic of conversation when it comes to photography. I always shoot in RAW and jpeg on my bigger camera, that way I have it. I’m also pretty ruthless when editing though if I don’t need the RAW version I delete it. There are a lot of situations where just a jpeg will be fine. This photo, for example, I took a bunch of shots, but this is really the one I want. I’ll keep this one. In a few months, when I’m ready to do a final clean up of this folder, the rest will be deleted.


  4. Amy, I’m always brought to thinking about the overlaps between writing and visual art/photography by your thoughtful questions. “Have you had that happen to you, an edit you think is going to be straightforward and an obvious choice backfires on you?” I know you think about the overlaps as well.

    Your question reminded me of a time last week when I was editing or re-writing a story for my “Little Book of Lies” collection that I’m trying to finish as a manuscript. I wrote the story last year as a flash fiction and it didn’t quite work as flash, the ending wasn’t quite there. I still liked the premise – it is called “Mendacity,” about a young woman who has recently started constantly exaggerating to her friends over drinks about a new car, a promotion at work, etc., and can’t seem to stop. When I rewrote it, it turned into a literary musing on choices in her life, etc., which was okay, but I realized afterward I had lost the slightly supernatural feel of the original (that she was being possessed by a demon who made her lie). So, I restarted it again, and kept the opening section (about the lying and the demon), then I dropped into the demon’s voice, that it was haunting her because it was up for a promotion to full-demon, but that something goes wrong with its plan. Really ended up delightful and whimsical. I’m still not quite there but the new version has more of what I want in it.

    🙂 Good question!

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  5. I think I have had that problem but I can’t remember which photo it was that it had occurred with. I think that I wasn’t satisfied with neither the edited not unedited version so, knowing me, it’s probably one of the pictures that I went back and reshot.


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