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Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

In a way, this week’s photo challenge, should have been easy, favorite place? outside. Then I over-thought it and ended up with a muddle of ideas. But this morning, as I sat down to work on some more of my photos from Tanzania, the muddle cleared a bit:

ISO 800 185mm f/18 1/125 sec

These two male lions, probably brothers, were sitting on the side of the road. For this version of the photo, I made some simple adjustments, cropping, a bit of sharpening, and I moved the temperature slider slightly warmer. Really though, I wanted to keep the composition simple and the photo close to what I really saw. I couldn’t resist though, as it turns out, messing around some more. I was just curious about making a black and white version:

ISO 800 185mm f/18 1/125 sec

I used this tutorial to create a custom vignette in Lightroom. There are lots of ways to create your own vignettes and it’s something that I could use some more practice with. I left the lion’s eyes in color by creating two layers in Photoshop, the color layer is the version that is the first photo in this post. The black and white layer was on top, and I just added a mask and painted in the eyes of the lower layer. It took less time to do than to type out this paragraph since it was such a small area.

What do you think of my black and white version? Do you like the eyes in color like that? Does the color version appeal to you more? Feel free to leave a comment below.



57 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

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  2. I really love both these shots and the golden eyes are great. I had the same thought for this week’s challenge – outside – but then couldn’t narrow it down so went with a gallery of shots! It’s harder than it looks sometimes isn’t it?

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  3. The color of the grass in contrast to the tawny lions spoke to me. I love how one of them has his paw on the other’s back while both turned to look at the camera. You took a wonderful original photo while in Tanzania. Such a sweet example for “Favorite Place.”


  4. I like the golden eyes effect with subdues greys.

    Question: What kind of vehicle do you travel in when on these safaris? The mechanics must be kept right up because I’d hate to have a breakdown in the field with these hungry guys hanging around.


    • So, we were using a Land Rover with closed sides. My oldest child, who has some field experience in this area tells me that the most human-animal conflict in the area involves vehicles with open sides. Really, our most important safety thing was a radio that our guide had to keep in touch with other guides and also park headquarters. He also had a cell phone that got reception in this area.


  5. Both are gorgeous but the BW speaks to me more. It’s unique and very artsy. I am not sure if I mentioned that The Captain lived in Tanzania for two years in the 1990s. It was the highlight of his life.


  6. Love your capture with his paw on his back, Amy. I would usually go with color in Africa, but I love the black and white. My personal jury is out on the eyes, honestly…guess I am more of a straight monochrome gal. Fun technique and idea.


    • Yes, I am a bit back and forth on this as well. I generally speaking like nature images in color, however, I do run into black and white images that make me re-think that. A combination of black and white and color for nature images I tend to be even more hesitant about. Generally speaking, I think there are other subjects that a combination works better for.

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  7. I’m always a fan of color and in this case because it was as you saw it I feel as though I am experiencing it with you. However the layering technique and leaving the eyes is very creative.


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