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The Beautiful Normandy Coast

This photo was taken in Etretat:

ISO 200 10mm f/16 1/250sec

Perhaps it looks familiar? Its scenic white cliffs were subject matter for Impressionist painters including Claude Monet. It’s beautiful, you’ll be surprised to learn I took a lot of photos. When it came to looking through them and deciding what to edit first, I chose this photo, taken with a wide-angle lens that gives a good overall idea of what the area looks like.  Here is the photo as shot:

ISO 200 10mm f/16 1/250sec

I cropped the photo a bit and boosted some of the luminance sliders.  I’ve also sharpened it a bit. For this particular edit, I wanted to maintain a pretty realistic vision of the scene.  The one thing that didn’t come through in this photo was how windy it was.  There is a slight hint in the grasses in the lower left corner, but the water looks pretty calm.

What do you think of the edits? Do you think I have maintained a good feel of the original scene? Feel free to comment below.


Added to both A Photo a Week Challenge and Wandering Wednesday.


65 thoughts on “The Beautiful Normandy Coast

  1. Editing photos is all about what you want. I like your edits. I would probably of bumped the exposure up on the land and sea portion and masked the sky to keep it from getting too bright. I might have warmed up the green in the grass a bit. But that is my vision and not yours.

    That coast line leading up through the image is very nice. Sounds like you had fun taking the photo and working with it.

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  2. Love how the spire of the of the man-made building mirrors the triangular point at the end of the cliffs. The nicely defined, beach leading line directs the eye to both these points of interesting; to the center and then across to the left. Wonderful composition. 🙂


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  4. Really enjoyed this view. Reminds me of the Cannon Beach view on the Oregon Coast – just like a divine artist made the scene, the curve of the beach, the blue variations in the water, the green of the grasses. Thanks for bringing it to us, Amy!


  5. It’s a thing where you get an attachment to the viewfinder that fastens to the telescope. He has only photographed the moon so far, since it takes a much darker sky (i.e., out of the city) for something like stars. That reminds me, he actually bought a new camera for the telescope that doesn’t look like a camera at all, instead it looks like an inkwell. It’s a small wide-flat cylinder with a narrower cylinder on top, which you fasten to the viewfinder. It takes a sequence of high-speed video shots, then you combine those shots using computer software to select the most clear ones and make a high-def single image. Very strange-looking! He’s gotten some shot of Jupiter using that camera. 😉


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