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New Neighbors

There are some photos that I’m not sure are going to happen.  This is one of them:

ISO 1600 70mm f/16 1/2000sec

And another:

ISO 1600 70mm f/16 1/2000sec

These are our new cygnets. I thought there was a nest this year, but I wasn’t certain. The weather was a bit different from last year, and the vegetation around the lake has grown up in a different way. Last year’s next I could clearly see from the shore.  This year I was only guessing. Last year’s clutch was very successful, six healthy offspring, this year I have spotted four.

Generally, when I set out to photograph these swans, I take my 70-200mm lens. You will see that for these photos, the lens is at 70mm, the swans are incredibly close, particularly when you consider that this lake is on a path that is frequented by a lot of people and dogs. I chose these two images to edit in part because, despite the fact they were taken at the same time, the color of the water appears different.  As far as edits go, for this round I have chosen to stay very close to the original exposures, the images have been cropped and sharpened.

Was I excited to see them? You bet! Here is a photo from the day I first spotted them:

Do you like my true to life edits? Do you have new neighbors this Spring? Feel free to comment below.


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35 thoughts on “New Neighbors

  1. Oh swans are always such a delight to see! Beautiful captures!

    When we arrived at the LakeHouse this past month we found squatters had taken up residence in our garage! What a mess they made! 😳


  2. One of the most thrilling things is seeing new babies in nature every spring. I’ve been following a group of Canada geese and their little ones when I play golf at a particular course. They’re adorable. I love the swans and their offspring. Great job capturing them. What a treat!


  3. They are adorable, beautiful creatures! Again this year, I have a mama deer and her 2 fawns spending a lot of time in my back yard fence line. It’s a thick brush type are that I leave alone for them to use. No photos yet, but I’ve seen mama and her spotted babies several times. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Lovely captures, indeed! The featured image is especially well done. The composition is classic, the clarity is spot on–down to the nostrils on the bills of the cygnets. I prefer the coolness of the blue tones in the water, played against the ripples and reflections. Enjoying your blog!


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