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Monochrome Monday: Zebra Portrait

ISO 800 200mm f/18 1/400sec

For this particular edit, I thought I would attempt to make a black and white portrait of an animal that was already black and white. The challenge here was that the color version was a pretty bright exposure and the greens in the foliage really competed with the zebra. So, I have chosen a black and white edit that wanders pretty close to a sepia. I’ve done this by bringing down the exposure and vibrance sliders.

Do you like this edit? Do you like animal portraits like this one that don’t include the whole animal or do you prefer images where you can see the whole animal? Feel free to comment below.


Added to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge.


25 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday: Zebra Portrait

  1. I like this one and would have thought the original green background and foliage would be a bit too harsh. The zebra looks like it’s blending into the background but in a good way – it still stands out.


  2. You can see the face better in this portrait than in a photo of the whole animal. And to my eyes – you’ve chosen well 🙂 it looks like a wise zebra smiling at something only he/she can see…


  3. Such a talented edit! In the finished photograph I really enjoyed the look in the zebra eye and the curl of its mouth. Looks both determined and primordial at the same time. Interesting!


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