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Although my 70-200mm lens in a bit heavy, there are several reasons why I love it. One is the opportunity to get a close shot of nature with minimum disruption to my wild subjects, in this case, the seals near Blakeney Point. There are two types of seals in the area, this first photo is of a Grey Seal:

ISO 1250 195mm f/16 1/500 sec

Here is the original shot.

ISO 1250 195mm f/16 1/500 sec

This next photo is of the Common Seal:

ISO 1250 170mm f/16 1/640sec

Here is the original of that shot:

ISO 1250 170mm f/16 1/640sec

These photos were taken from a boat and my lens was set at 195mm and 170mm for the photos. In addition to having a long lens another trick to making the seals look closer than they were is to crop the images.  In the case of the first photo, the crop is fairly small. I didn’t want to lose the shore or too much of the water as I thought they were important parts of the photo. I was more aggressive with the second photo in a couple of ways. The first is the crop, I’ve removed the blood-streaked seal completely. Secondly, I have changed the tone of the photo completely. While I warmed the first photo a bit, for this second one I wanted to change it completely, make it look like I had taken the shot in completely different light conditions. It’s a different look, but you still can tell how well these seals blend with their surroundings.

What do you think of my photos and their edits? Do you have a favorite? Feel free to leave a comment below.

A variation of that first image made it into my Instagram feed:

Picfair: Grey Seal and Common Seal

Added to Travel With Intent: Afar and Thursday Special: Marine.




30 thoughts on “Seals

  1. Nice seal images – they are a welcome sight afar. And of course I enjoyed seeing them up close too. You’re right – they blend incredibly well with the background.You’ve does well to get these clear images with a long lens on a bobbing boat.


  2. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    worth the heavier lens – love Blakeney and the way grey seals look. The 2nd edit is closer to sand colour and probably better for the contrast of common seal skin patterns


  3. It amazes me how the tone can change the picture so much – and in the warmer tone one we lose the silver and grays but the water seems to come alive more – even the rocks take on a new life –
    and I did not realize the seal to the right had blood on it?? wow
    and I like the instagram one too


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  5. It’s been really interesting to see what you do with the filtering to create specific effects – moods, dare I say? – over these past couple of years, Amy. I liked these two seal photos and I know what you mean about getting the better photos with heavier equipment. Thanks!


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