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Bright Field, Old Church

This is the kind of image I don’t get much of here in England, one taken on an intensely sunny day:

ISO 100 12.1mm f/5.0 1/320sec

But it has been a different type of summer here, one that is warm and very little rain. This photo was taken with my point and shoot. Β I liked the image but did want to edit it a little bit. Β The photo below is what I finished with:

ISO 100 12.1mm f/5.0 1/320sec

The crop was where I started. I wanted to lose the lower left corner of the field and bring the church in just a bit closer. I’ve also used the tone curve to make the colors a bit deeper and I applied a vignette to the corners.

What do you think of the edit, does it retain its sunny day feel? Feel free to leave a comment below.


Added to Tuesday Photo Challenge: Field and Wandering Wednesday: Landscapes.


42 thoughts on “Bright Field, Old Church

  1. I definitely think it keeps the sunny day feel. I do like the church just a tad closer, and I really like that the sky seems a little bluer. Seems to me it might have just been another time in the day. Very nice.

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  2. pierrmorgan says:

    I like your edits – no more brown patch – and the sky has become a brilliant blue matching that bright field of mustard. Very sunny and rich now. Like magic.

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  4. The edit has that hazy summer’s heat feel to it as if the viewer is remembering that day in the past. I like that you cropped the original to make the church a bit closer and heighten the attention on the yellow of the flowers.

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  5. Well
    When you primed us with the not the norm for where you are – I felt sunny day more – but the shot also had a cooler vibe than big time sunny days – if that makes sense –
    And I like this shot a lot – the house seems in hiding


  6. Yes, good job on the lower left corner. The picture does retain the sunny day feel. I doe wish, however, that there was more horizontal length without cropping out the sky or the field of flowers. Something just shy of being panoramic.


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