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From Phone Line to Life Line

I have seen a few of these now in my various travels, and I just think they are a very good idea, a nice use of the iconic phonebox no longer in use:

ISO 25 4.15mm f/2/2 1/230sec

For my edit, I wanted to take out some of the distracting elements and create a more vintage looking photo. Β To create the crop I used the line of bricks on the left, which was enough to remove the black street poles and the partial window above the defibrillator. I used a vintage preset for the vintage look but then added back in the hue and saturation of the reds because I didn’t want to lose that iconic red completely in the interpretation. I also put some clarity back into the edit and darkened the corners more than the preset had. Here is the result:

ISO 25 4.15mm f/2/2 1/230sec

What do you think of my interpretation? Do you also use presets as a starting point for editing? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Here was my slightly different take posted on Instagram:


Added in a bit of a cheeky way to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Power Lines.



29 thoughts on “From Phone Line to Life Line

  1. Love the power lines connection and great idea to have the
    Defibrillator in there
    And of all the versions – I like the one with as much of the red booth as possible –


  2. I use Lightroom presets and like the fact that there is an option to roll back the full effect – as a Londoner I take these for granted but photographing that red can be challenging – I do like your Insta one


  3. It looks great! The only thing I might have changed myself – if I’d spotted it! – is the reversed numbers in the reflection. That’s me being pedantic πŸ˜‰


  4. Of course I like the cropping and the way the vintage look attenuates the color clash between reddish brown bricks and the repurposed phone booth.  (Nice new purpose.)  I do like the booth’s original bright clear red better than the reddish orange, which is a fine color but not what I think of as the British phone booth color.  Full disclosure: I live on the other side of The Pond and have only spent a few days in Britain, long ago.


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