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St. Joan of Arc

The photo for this post was taken just outside ร‰glise Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc in Rouen, France. The church is modern and beautiful:

ISO 320 14mm f/13 1/125sec

For this edit, I wanted to create a simpler version of the original file. I started by cropping the photo. I wanted to crop out the glimpse of the town, but retain an indication of this statue being outside. So, the people were out, but the pigeons were to stay.

ISO 320 14mm f/13 1/125sec

I created this mostly black and white by using the saturation sliders to remove the color. I couldn’t resist leaving just a bit of the purple in though. To me, that hint of color makes the image more interesting. To subtly bring attention to the pigeons the vignette that I applied stops right by them, making that spot one of contrast and hopefully drawing your eye.

What do you think of this mostly monochrome image? do you like the hint of color? did you notice the pigeons? Feel free to leave a comment below.


Added to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge, Statues and Live Laugh RV, Black and White.


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