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Malta Evening

Plenty of things have happened in my life that I didn’t really see coming. This scene is one of them:

ISO 1250 22mm f/16 1/60sec

It’s an evening shot of Valletta, Malta. If you had said a few years ago that I would visit I wouldn’t have argued with you exactly, as I do love to visit new places, it’s just that Malta wasn’t on my list of trips that I was planning. Upon reflection, it’s a little odd that I hadn’t been planning. A warm summer destination just steeped in history? A bit of a no-brainer for someone like me.

ISO 1250 22mm f/16 1/60sec

I’ve taken quite a few liberties with my edit here. I love the blue tones of the image, but in the edit, I wanted the warm night to feel a bit more distant and remote, like an older photograph you might find in an attic.  I was inspired to think this way by the history of the island itself. People have been coming and going through the area for a long time. Before them, all types of flora and fauna, and the land itself was very different.

For this particular edit, I changed the temperature, boosted the yellows, added grain, and desaturated the image a bit, a slight crop was also in order. The two images really do have a different feel.  Do you have a preference? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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35 thoughts on “Malta Evening

  1. Malta has not really been on my list either. But I know it should, so after this post I will have to reevaluate my ideas about where I want to go. 🙂 I like both versions of the photo, they are both beautiful. But I think my preference goes towards the warmer version.


  2. You’re right, the two images really do have a different feel. Do I have a preference?
    I prefer the edited version. To me it looks like a very much improved version. Yes, I do like it very much! 🙂


  3. The warming and cropping make the scene much more inviting to me.  I like the context provided by the marina in the middle distance.  Keeping a little of the nearby rooftop at the bottom is a price worth paying for the marina.


  4. Hi, Amy. I love the warm tones in your edited version. It does give a “nostalgic” feel to the image–just what you wanted to achieve. It also highlights the lights in the image. Malta has been on my list for a while, but we’ve never been there. I imagine it’s like Elba–where Napoleon was exiled. A small, insular place steeped in history.


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