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In the Harbor

What can I tell you about this scene? Not a lot. It was taken in the harbor near Valletta in Malta. It’s a photo of three boats. I’m not even completely sure why I took the photo:

ISO 160 22mm f/22 1/60sec

So that’s not completely true, the scene appealed to me, I liked all the blues and the greys. I liked the uniform appearance of the boats. When I went to edit it, I went for a vintage looked. I darkened the sky and boosted the green tones:

ISO 160 22mm f/22 1/60sec

What will I do with this image? I don’t know, beyond keeping it just because I like it. What do you think of the edit? Do you sometimes keep images that you just like even if they have no other real use? Β Feel free to leave a comment below.


Added to Travel with Intent, Threesome.


34 thoughts on “In the Harbor

  1. I like the vintage look here, I really do. The blue shade that you ended up with looks very easy on the eye. I keep all my photos…even the bad ones because they always remind me of a certain moment and where I’ve been, and that might help editing other photos too.

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  2. yes I like how you edited this as though viewing with sunglasses on.

    I keep photos for a quite a while to see if they improve with a second look and often convert them to photoart with Smart photo editor for calendars and cards- mind you the image has to have been good enough quality to begin with


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  4. I often keep photos because of the memories they evoke. I know what I like about this photo: the positioning of each of the three photos in relation to one another. The lines they create coming to the foreground are interesting.


  5. nice entry for threesome.
    and there is a stately feel to the shot – and your edits –
    but there is also a guarded vibe – like a serious tone or “policia” feel.

    and funny you should ask about keeping images because I sometimes think of you when I delete a bunch.

    you modeled for me the ongoing housecleaning (um, with digital pics) when you once shared about the many you deleted trying to get your teacups photo. Do you remember that.
    And so today I was “clan it up chick” and deleted a bunch that I knew i was done with –
    but it is not easy


  6. The mooring lines make me imagine the boats are using walking sticks. Or maybe they are visually impaired and need white canes πŸ˜‰ . Anyway, I smile at the thought and would be a reason to keep it.


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