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Touch of Red

When I sit down to edit an image it’s true to say that I’m not always sure what I will do with my final version.  Here is the original file of such an image:

ISO 1250 15mm f/11 1/40sec

Editing this image started with a crop. Since it was the little red ribbons that caught my attention on site, my next edit was to give them a saturation boost. I’ve desaturated some of the colors in this image. I then put a radial filter around the angel and sheep and made the rest of the image softer by moving the dehaze slider into negative numbers in the area outside of the filter. Here is the final image:

ISO 1250 15mm f/11 1/40sec

Like several images from my time in Prague, I don’t have a real use for it so to speak. However, I really like many of my images. They are a reminder of how much I enjoyed looking around the city. Prague is beautiful in my opinion. I will keep this image, as I have kept others, just because they make me happy. Sometimes, it’s the little things, like little red ribbons, that catch my eye. It appeared that someone had taken the time to hand tie them in, and that lovely small detail really what made this display beautiful.  Do you often keep images for no other reason than they make you happy? Do you like the edits I have done here?  Feel free to leave a comment below.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Red, and Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, Small is Beautiful.


22 thoughts on “Touch of Red

  1. Such a beautiful city, we loved our visit too. You’re right, the ribbon makes the shot. I keep all of my photos unless they are blurry or otherwise flawed. Even then today’s editing power makes important one salvageable. There’s always the texturing effect if all else fails LOL. Liked the use of haze on this one Amy


  2. I definitely have images I keep just because I like them and for no other reason. Maybe part of the picture is blurry, for example, but there is some awesome detail I like. I do like your edits, they serve to put more focus on the angel.


  3. I like this quiet nativity scene. If I’m not mistaken, this is facing west from the eastern end of Charles Bridge, because I recognize the bridge tower on the Mala Strana side. 😊


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