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Daffodil Variation from Color to Monochrome

The daffodil is my favorite flower:

ISO 2500 50mm f/11 1/100sec

Here devoid of color not texture:

ISO 2500 50mm f/11 1/100sec

Tell me your favorite, comment below.


Picfair version is here in black and white and here in color.

Added to One Word Sunday, Monochrome, Cee’s Flower of the Day, and Six-Word Saturday.


27 thoughts on “Daffodil Variation from Color to Monochrome

  1. Great photo – I prefer the colour version. I mostly do with photos of flowers because it just feels wrong to me to rob them of their hues, bright or soft. Colour to me seems to be the nature of flowers. (But I sometimes do, too.)


  2. I love doing floral photos and I never think that going B/W will look like anything, but they always seem to take on their own character in B/W in ways you never expect. It’s a toss up here, I really like the warm yellows in the color but black and white is hard to beat.

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  3. pierrmorgan says:

    The color one’s like candy. Beautiful photo. The black and white shows off the composition and texture for sure, but most of the time I’m a color gal. πŸ™‚


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  5. You know me to love BW. As much as I like the vibrant colour version, I appreciate your BW treatment more. Knowing me, I’d shoot it with a lot of contrast but I can see that would have been the wrong route for this piece. The lest harsh contrast revealing more greys than black and stark white is the best way to go for this shot.

    I like how you left the right third virtually empty.


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