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Happy Birthday St. Louis Missouri!

This photo was taken on June 6, 2014.

ISO 100 4.3 f/8.0 1/160sec

That year St. Louis was turning 250 years old. 256 cakes like this one were put out all over the city and surrounding area. Some of them are still on display, a current listing is here.  I’ll be honest, when I first heard this was going to be a thing, my reaction was something like…oh. Then I started seeing them around town. They really were works of art. I ended up with quite a little gallery of them. The one above was one of my favorites because of where and how it was placed. The St. Louis Art Museum is free and located in Forest Park. It’s a gem and well worth a visit if you are ever in the area.  Here is my Luminar edited version of the original file:

ISO 100 4.3 f/8.0 1/160sec

The original photo was intended as a realistic snapshot. It was shot in the bright light of a St. Louis afternoon.  The edit has been given a bit of a bronze tone that I thought made the shadows look more interesting. I cropped it because I thought the original had a lot of not very interesting sky. I also removed the working crane.  I did try a crop that would straighten the photo but to my surprise, I thought it made the photo less interesting, so the tilt stayed.

I like this edit, but other than making an appearance here it will pretty much stay in my photo files as a memory of the fun little cakes that dotted St. Louis in 2014.  Do you like this edit? Has your town done something like this? I know there are several US cities that have done similar things. Your comments on the edit and community art projects are welcome below.


Added to Tuesday Photo Challenge, Birthday and in a bit of a cheeky way to One Word Sunday, Fire.




21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday St. Louis Missouri!

  1. Looks a great cake – I wouldn’t mind it for my own birthday (apart from the large number!)
    And yes, I like your edit. Warming up the white balance was a great idea – the original was too cold. Personally, I wouldn’t remove the crane as that is a real part of the city on that date. And I am happy with the tilt – it matches the angle of the shadow.


  2. What a great idea! Such fun to look for them all around the city. One year we had art cows dotting the city. some can still be found at places like the airport, hospitals and city parkades. They always bring a smile to my face.


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  5. Works of art big time !
    I could barely see the crane in original
    And out town has these painted large dogs all around certain – if I have any pics to share I will come
    – but nothing like this and what a good idea


      • truly a great idea and as noted to you a long time ago, I think some of your posts helped many people see a beautiful side to St Louis – quite often it is like Buffalo or other cities that have economic decline –
        and so seeing the cakes and other things you have previously shared reminds me that the area is alive


  6. Through the wonderful PBS’ 4-episode series “Native America,” I only recently learned of the existence of “Cahokia.” That only adds to my wish to visit the city and area.


    • Part of the reason I find it an interesting site is because it blends into the surrounding landscape so well, that you wouldn’t really be taken to task for missing it at first. Then you really see, and it transforms how you see the area. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

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