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On the Horizon

I took this photograph in Normandy, France:

ISO 200 22mm f/16 1/400sec

What attracted me to the scene was the colors.  Also the various lines in the scene, the shoreline, the pier, and the horizon.  So when I went to edit, the first thing I did was to crop and straighten the photo, to accentuate some of those lines:

ISO 200 22mm f/16 1/400sec

The next step was to remove some dust spots that were visible and also the two people that were on the pier. These small edits helped to distill the image down to what I wanted. My next edits were to boost and clarify the colors. I kept these edits to a minimum because in my opinion the scene was beautiful as it was.

What do you think, do the edits stay close enough to the original? do the lines in this image appeal to you? Feel free to leave a comment below.


Added to A Photo A Week: On the Horizon.

Picfair Version is Here.


23 thoughts on “On the Horizon

  1. The lines work really well; straightening makes a huge difference in a photo like this. I also like how the colors blend across boundaries: between the shore and the water, then the water and the sky, the colors mix as they transition and make a very compelling photo, especially when viewed at full size. Nice work!

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  2. I like the picture. I agree with the straightening–I seem to have a problem keeping the horizon straight in my shots. I need a level! Also taking out the dust spots make sense. I think you could have left the people but that is an artistic choice.

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  3. I think the lead-in lines in the crop work very well Amy. Removing the people was also probably a good choice as they would become a ‘what’s that’ question for the viewer. On the other hand, if the people were in the foreground walking along the edge of the tideline, I’d leave them in as human-interest.

    I’m intrigued by your ‘dust specks’. My suspicion would be that these are small flecks of oil on the sensor from the mirror mechanism. I have experienced these in the past on the 7D and the 5D mkIII and used my LensPen to clean the sensor. Ironically, I’ve never had them on the 7D mkII which suggests that Canon may have changed their lubrication methods.

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    • Thank you Martin, I agree, if the people were a bit more obvious, they would make a bigger part of the image story.

      It’s possible that I am looking at oil on the sensor. My guess is though that it is dirt just because I do change my lenses sometimes when I am actually out, also that I haul my gear around in all kinds of weather. I have a cleaning system that I do periodically that worked up until this fall when a few spots, I could not get clean. It’s part of the reason that I replaced this 50D body with an 80D. There were other issues too, but at this point, the 50 is now my backup body.

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  4. I love your mention of the lines. I didn’t even think about that until you mentioned them. But it’s a great way to look at a scene.

    Also, your comment about “removing the two people on the pier,” made me smile. Oh, if only one could do that in real life. Thinking of one or two people who’ve been particularly unkind this year. Not removed forever, just removed from my life! hah!

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