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Athens, as seen from Areopagus Hill

Part of the appeal of visiting Athens is its history. These two photo were taken from Areopagus Hill, the spot where St. Paul is said to have preached to the Athenians of his time. From one vantage point, there are excellent views of the Acropolis.

ISO 500 22mm f/22 1/160sec

Another view shows the Ancient Agora and the sprawl of the modern city.

ISO 500 22mm f/22 1/200sec

I liked both views, but was interested in editing them in different ways. The view of the Acropolis, I wanted to keep in color and retain the vivid feel of that late afternoon.  I added a split tone filter that I thought maintained the interesting contrast of colors and accentuated the layers of rock, trees, rock, sky.

For the modern city, I was interested in black and white to distill the image a bit, and I have purposely made the whites in the image hazy and glowing a bit to represent the bustle of the modern city.

What a view, if you visit Athens I would recommend taking the time to climb this spot. Watch your step though, the rocks are well worn and quite slippery. As for my two interpretations, do you have a favorite? feel free to comment below.


Added to Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Cityscapes.


28 thoughts on “Athens, as seen from Areopagus Hill

  1. That was a great vantage point to take these shots. I really like how you contrast the ancient and modern. Well done! I especially love your shot of the Acropolis. I wonder how that would look in sepia? Did you ever go to Sicily? Agrigento supposedly has more Greek ruins than Athens? It was amazing.


    • Thanks. Funny that you should mention sepia, because I gave that a quick try. I think maybe it would work in sepia if I did some other edits first. The original file is rather bright and that came through in some unappealing ways in sepia. I think it would need to be toned down first. I may give that a try at some point because I think the subject matter would be well suited for sepia.

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  2. Both images are lovely, but I think I prefer the Acropolis. I’m trying to formulate exactly why but am having trouble. Perhaps because cities are well…cities and for me I prefer open spaces. Maybe because the Acropolis feels more like a trip to Greece should look or maybe it is the history behind it. I cannot fully articulate it, but you asked, so there have it.

    It looks like a great place to visit.


    • I understand what you mean about preferring open spaces because that would be my preference as well. Yes, the Acropolis is more what you think of when you think of a trip to Athens, so I am sure it will come as no surprise to you when I tell you that there were far more people taking photos of that view:) Athens is a great place to visit if you are into history. We are, and so were there for almost a week. We chose to visit in October to beat the blazing heat and even larger crowds of the summer. I’m not sure I could stand Athens in August.

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  3. Agreed, it’s a great view and you’ve done well to get these shots clear of the crowd that accumulates there. I stood there as well, as did the god Ares who was supposedly tried on that hill for murdering Poseidon’s son.


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