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When Light Suggests the Framing

This past weekend I went for a walk at Anglesey Abbey. I was looking for snowdrops and they are in season at the Abbey, which boasts that they have 300 varieties. The grounds at Anglesey are fairly extensive and the snowdrops were indeed out pretty much everywhere. I spent some time looking for the images I wanted to capture. Really what I was looking for was light. Then I came across this scene:

ISO 400 55mm f/11 1/200sec

This moment of light, an unexpected window; I only got a few shots before it was gone.  But it was enough for me to then go home and create this image:

ISO 400 55mm f/11 1/200sec

Framing is something that photographers think about, where to place their subject in an image. In this case, the light suggests the frame, literally illuminating the subject and throwing everything else into darkness. The edits I have done are minimal. The crop to accentuate the lit snowdrops, and a bit of sharpening.

What do you think of the edit? I feel like I am often looking for and chasing light, do you identify with that statement? Your thoughts are welcome below.


Added to A Photo A Week, Unexpected Windows.

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31 thoughts on “When Light Suggests the Framing

  1. Amy that is such a great tip! I’m going to keep my eyes open for that type of lighting. As you say it only lasted a very short time so good to be on the ball and get the photo. Your editing is beautiful.


  2. I like both – and glad to see the original after the second and then went back and really thought about which one o liked more and it was easy to choose the edited one – it had a polished feel and maybe the rule of thirds allowed me to have visual relaxation – ha
    But it felt formal (not stuffy) and you brought more light to us –
    In contrast – the original has more of that spotlight feel – and with the light on the leaves in the foreground – it competes a little – (and you only left a snippet of the foreground leaves in the edit – which adds to the focus on those drops –
    Which are a fun subject to look at a few times – cool flower


    • One of the nice things about Anglesey is that their gardens are quite varied, so you can go often and see something a bit different each time. I like it there, but on a weekend such as this past weekend, I was there at the opening (which they made earlier recently) so that I would avoid the worst of the crowds.


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