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What I Am Working On: It Just Might Suprise You

A lot of my photography is outdoors with the natural world as subject matter. As a result, a lot of my photos are color images. In my mind, color is really the default. When I took this image, I was thinking in color:

ISO 400 18mm f/11 1/1000sec

This recent shot was taken on a beautiful morning along the South West Coast Path. It was a color and light filled morning, but when I went to edit this photo, I was only partially happy with the results. So, I wandered off and did some other things, kind of thinking over this edit in the back of my mind. A bit later, the back of my mind suggested I try a black and white edit.Β  So I did:

ISO 400 18mm f/11 1/1000sec

This is the result, which I am much happier with. When I edit a photo into black and white, the first step is usually to bump up the contrast and saturation. It makes for a terrible color image, but it usually then makes for a more interesting black and white image. Having done that, I then made my black and white edits. This has a yellow filter applied. I then applied a filter to soften the image a bit but removed it as I think the texture in the image is an interesting component, and one that I wanted to leave in.

Nature images are most often presented in color, what do you think of this in black and white? your comments are welcome below.


Added to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge, Vanishing Point and Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, Creativity.


47 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: It Just Might Suprise You

  1. I usually prefer the colour photographs for nature shots, but you are right in this case black and white made for a more dramatic result. The clouds look more fierce and strong. Great work


  2. Hi Amy = I like both – they have completely different moods. Might sound obvious – but the color version is warm, inviting and the teal water is just awesome.
    The edited b-w version brings my eye to the sky right away. And has a quieter and more distant vibe (not cold but not as inviting as putting toes in the teal water). But the edited version has a nice syncing with the shape of the sky and the shape of the inlet – both were so fun to explore.


  3. Your creativity turned a calm and peaceful scene into a rather more dramatic one in B&W. The sky turns threatening, and gives the whole scenery a movie feeling!


  4. Nice to see that you continue experimenting and gain skills in post editing of your photography. I prefer the colored version, is cool! The black/white, to high contrast (to my opinion), it’s… to dramatic, maybe too unreal to my taste? Gr Stef


  5. The B&W version makes the clouds more threatening, almost as an approaching storm may look, yet it is the blue sky in the colour version that is threatening in B&W! A very interesting juxtaposition, Amy. Did you walk the 630km, or just a part of the Path?


  6. All those rocks! You are right about the texture, it’s almost like an old movie. And the semi-roiling sky (in black-and-white). Not to mention the turgid sea, like something is going to come out of it. As you mentioned, in color the colors tell a different story. Not to be maudlin! πŸ™‚ I really enjoy hearing about the story-behind-the-photo in your posts. Thanks, Amy!


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