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But How To Get There?

St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall is a beautiful place. It’s location, just off the mainland makes getting there part of the experience:

ISO 400 35mm f/11 1/640sec

This photo, my original file, shows two ways you can go about it. In this photo, the tide is in, enough that you can take a small boat. That’s how we arrived in the morning. On the right-hand side, the pathway you can use is visible but still submerged, that’s how you can get there and back with the tide is out. A few hours after this photo was taken that is how we got back. My final edit for this photo is this one:

ISO 400 35mm f/11 1/640sec

The first edit I did on this photo was to crop and straighten it. It was a bright and hazy day, so I needed some edits to boost the colors a bit and add some clarity. The scene itself though I wanted to preserve close to the way I saw it, so I didn’t apply any more creative edits in this case. A more creative version of this site, I published here.

What do you think of these edits? Feel free to leave a comment below. This was a really interesting place to visit, so I’d recommend it if you are ever in the area.


Added to Tuesday Photo Challenge, Connections.


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