Daily Record Weekly Wrap-up, iPhone, Photography

Daily Record Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 15

I feel that this week’s wrap-up could be called, “Dear Outside, I love you” All of the photos from this week’s wrap up were shot while walking in areas that are near my home. It was an unsettled weather week, like the clouds in several of the photos express:


13 thoughts on “Daily Record Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 15

  1. Guess the fox photo shows that despite how good they have become, phone cameras do have limitations. But good for you to sieze the moment and make the try. And, speaking of the camera, was the windmill image one of those ‘live photo’ blur things? Took a moment to realize what was there and then, “Oh, that’s neat!”. As for the cat, I assume it is an Espana variety, as in ‘Pounce de Leon’ (OK. Never mind. Scratch that!).


    • Lol about the cat, and I’m very relieved it didn’t pounce!
      Yes, that is me with my “live” photo attempting to capture motion. One of the limitations there is that the timer is 3 seconds or 10. So, I keep trying this shot on various cloudy days, just waiting for the exact right amount of wind to make the photo I want. So, that shot was just another attempt. And yes, the zoom feature on the iPhone (or lack thereof) is a limitation for sure. I was just so excited about seeing the fox, that I took the photo anyway πŸ™‚


  2. Isn’t it wonderful to be outside again? Love those flowers that look as though they have been sprinkled by a paintbrush. Great perspective of the cat too. I thought he might jump out of the screen and into my lap.


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