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What I Am Working On: Creating Simplicity

Among the files in my edit pile this week was this image:

ISO 640 22mm f/18 1/320sec

There is quite a bit going on in this image, but for this particular edit, I wanted to create an image that was still but deceptively so.  I started my edits with a crop, the further stilled the water by cloning out some of the roots that were visible underwater. I’ve boosted the luminance as well. Then I applied a vignette, placing the center on the larger of the two blooms. Here is the final version:

ISO 640 22mm f/18 1/320sec

Because I chose to have the crop and vignette in areas that are not typical for a photo, and there are so many lily pads, there is a lot vying for your attention in this image. To me, that’s an interesting tension. Maybe it works for you and maybe it doesn’t, feel free to leave your thoughts on the edit in the comments below.


Added to One Word Sunday, Simplicity.

Picfair version is here.



30 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: Creating Simplicity

  1. Great job. I would have added more blur and cropped the image to leave out the yellow in the left-hand corner, lowered the lightness and increased the higlights. What software do you use?


  2. I like the crop and cloning a great deal.  Maybe the luminance is a little overdone; the flower petals blend together in a harsh white fighting with a harsh yellow.&nbsp: Full disclosure: not a white flower fan.


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  4. I think the crop works really well. You get an accent from those two blooms that is somewhat lost in the original framing. The colors definitely popped in the edited version. You are an artist with an eye! – even in the editing room.

    This shot reminds me, today I went to the Japanese Garden in Seattle, where my daughter and I took part in a Japanese Tea Ceremony. I usually don’t go to the Garden on a weekend day, and especially not a nice summer weekend day, because it gets really busy with visitors. My preference is a gloomy weekday morning when one is all alone, or almost all alone. Nevertheless, today the crowds were not that distracting, and being there with my daughter, we got to sit on one of the benches and look out at the ponds. She pointed out the two clutches of water lilies on the pond surface, one with pink flowers and a more distant one whose flowers were white. We used to read one of those folk tales when she was young about a girl who was one of the frog people, and she reminded me of that story. Thanks for posting this one!


  5. The crop works well given your initial shot. The black top and left is good. For me the flowers are too low in the shot but hard to alter that.
    I would have upped the highlights, as it feels quite heavy.
    And I would have gone easy on the luminance as it makes the leaves look a bit plastic, but it does add to the simplicity of the shot.


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