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What I Am Working On: Editing the Sky

When you live in England, chances are you are going to want to edit the sky in your images. I was working on some images shot in the Peak District including this file:

ISO 800 10mm f/20 1/200sec

There is a lot about this landscape image that appeals to me. It’s going to need some help to pop a bit though. About a week prior I had watched a video that included a bit about sky enhancements in Luminar. The technique is explained starting at 15:41. I liked the tip as a starting point, and so I modified it a bit to suit me. First, I edited the photo in general, I’ve boosted its luminance, boosted the details, and adjusted the white balance. Then I watched the video bit again. Here is my final edit:

ISO 800 10mm f/20 1/200sec

I liked the sky tips from this video enough to create a workspace for it in Luminar, here is a screenshot of what that looks like:

The filters applied to the sky

The video does not mention making the sky edit its own separate layer, but that is what I have done here. By creating this set of filters as a workspace, I can add a new layer and then set this workspace for this layer. This allows for the flexibility of just modifying these edits, instead of trying to manipulate the whole image.

Do you like the final result? Have questions about what I chose to do? Feel free to comment below.


Final edit added to my Picfair portfolio here.


19 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: Editing the Sky

  1. I really like the final edit, it feels like you want to step into the image and peer over the rocks; I imagine there is a deep valley just beyond them. The way you’ve edited the sky pulls me in and it really works well with the back ground hills. Such a great feeling of depth and intrigue you’ve created, I really like it!


  2. The final is my favorite. Which looks more like what you were seeing? I find , usually with sunsets and/or sky, that I don’t capture what I’m seeing. I personally am more of a ‘realist’ than alteration for artistic effect.


    • Thanks very much and this is one thing I like about shooting RAW. It captures quite a bit that can be brought out in the editing process. Since at that point, you are working with data that is within the file, the result tends to be more realistic and closer to what you saw.

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