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A Few Feet off the Trail

I like to go walking. I enjoy it enough to belong to a walking group. Now there are a lot of reasons people join walking groups, but for me, the biggest draw was going on walks that I might not have discovered on my own. A few months ago our group went on a walk that included a tour of this church that was just off the trail we were walking on:

ISO 250 28mm f/11 1/640sec

This church is St. Denis. It is currently under the care of the Friends of Friendless Churches. The link I’ve included leads to specific renovations that the church is undergoing. We were met there by some folks who were pretty enthusiastic about the project and were happy to show us around and give us a bit of history on the building. I honestly had never heard of the charity before, but find their work really interesting. As for the photo above, here is my edit:

ISO 250 28mm f/11 1/640sec

Just like the work going on in the church, this edit was a pretty big overhaul as well. As pretty as the day was, the tones in the original file just didn’t really appeal to me. I started with the shadows slider though, to bring back some detail. I’ve changed the color tones quite a bit and added some grain to give the edit a bit of a vintage look. I chose these particular color tones because once inside the church, the light was warmer and more diffuse than outside, and I’ve chosen to apply that to this edit.

It was worth stepping off the trail to take a look at this church, I really enjoyed my visit. Do you like this edit? Feel free to leave a comment below.


Added to Tuesday Photo Challenge: Trail.


17 thoughts on “A Few Feet off the Trail

  1. Bright Sun can be more of a pain than a joy. Digital camera white balance settings seem to lack the ability to find a good compromise and the sensors lack the flexibility of old school films like Kodachrome 64 or Ilford FP4. The Canon auto-white balance tends to do a reasonable job so I’m a little surprised to see it go so blue on this one! I daren’t leave a Fuji camera on AWB because it will mess up the exposure – so getting in the habit of switching between sun and cloudy settings is a necessity. I think your edit works well and deals with the issues really well. The Human eye will certainly see even that harsh light as less blue than the camera painted it πŸ™‚


    • Yes, it really went overboard on the blue. Maybe because it was pretty blue but the camera was just stunned to see that much blue in England that it overreacted? lol. As far as white balance goes, I would agree that the Canon usually isn’t bad, but that I do almost always make an adjustment of some kind later on.

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  2. Great idea to be part of a walking group, it is more fun to walk as part of a group. How interesting the work the friends of friedless churches are doing in helping to restore this old building. I really like your edit, it has made it sharper and brighter.


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  4. Always worth getting off the trail. What a treat to get some history from the people there. You gave me curious about The Friends of Friendless Churches. Nice post. Inviting photo.


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