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It’s the View, Sort-Of

I enjoy touring churches. I find their history to be interesting and often a reflection of the people that interact with it. And then there is the view that they offer:

ISO 1600 10mm f/11 1/640sec

This photo was taken from Lincoln Cathedral in December. They offer several types of tours including the opportunity to go up and see the inner workings of the building. I have a fear of heights, but I love these types of tours. This tour and resulting photos are where I am this week in terms of editing my files. We had a lovely weekend in Lincoln, but it was December, so it was a bit grey and a bit cold. Not too bad by English standards though. The sky that day was kind of a fascinating grey. For my edit, I decided to step out of my usual “as shot” edit and try something a bit different. Here is the result:

ISO 1600 10mm f/11 1/640sec

What I’ve done here is to warm the color by using the luminance sliders. I then created another layer and converted it to black and white. Then using a brush and a mask, I erased the black and white out of the Cathedral building. Then I dropped the opacity level of the black and white layer just a bit, that’s what is causing the hint of color in the surrounding buildings.

This photo is more interpretation than fact, what do you think of it? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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20 thoughts on “It’s the View, Sort-Of

  1. That’s a really, really nice edit – I love the warm colours of the church and the subdued backdrop – fantastic. I fully agree with your love of churches – they’re fantastic places and the views can be stunning (try going up York Minster if you ever get the chance).


  2. I like the edit because it reveals the buildings below the church, which are kind of murky in the original. I too like the history of churches. They were a major industry in the medieval times. When I visit Europe I’m in churches far more than when I’m home.


  3. I rarely have time to do any “creative” editing to photos. The least I do is adjust the brightness levels or contrasts, and leave it as is. Sometimes, I do not edit the photos, and just leave them in my hard disk as is! (oh no… hahahaha)

    I find that editing takes too much time, as I take too many photos. How much of the photos you take do you edit? Do you only pic one, and leave out all the rest?

    I like the way you edited this one as it leads the eye back to the colored building. I would be really tempted to replace the sky with something that has more clouds, though… But, hey, that’s just me. Besides, the subtle edit makes the work closer to reality.

    Have a nice day!


    • Thanks very much for your thoughts on the edit.
      I edit only a few of the photos that I take. Generally speaking not more than one of any one scene. I’ll keep others that I consider good enough to be edited in the future, and then I toss the rest. Generally speaking, I don’t discard files until at least a year after I have taken them.

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      • You toss out files after a year, huh? I haven’t actually deleted any photos that I have taken, and have actually been thinking about the size of archiving them if I do keep on taking more photos. Well, unless they’re really bad that I’d have no other option other than delete them. Hahaha


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