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From England, With Love

Just for fun, this post is a bit different from my usual posts where I talk about photo editing. This post is about a day trip in the country where I am currently living, England. Somewhat ironically, July 4th was a day off and therefore an ideal day for a short road trip. So this is how I spent July 4th in England.

I have a lot of favorite things about England, but one of them is English Heritage, which cares for more than 400 sites of historic significance. You can visit and pay for site visits individually, but for a historyΒ nerd enthusiast, really a membership is the way to go. We have about one year before our next country move, and our English Heritage membership will run out in the Spring, so the clock is ticking…

Our first stop of the day was to the Eleanor Cross in Geddingon.

ISO 500 35mm f/11 1/1250sec

It’s in the middle of the road in the middle of town, so hard to miss, but pay attention if you are trying to take photos! This cross is a memorial to Eleanor of Castile, wife of Edward I, who died in 1290.

Also nearby:

ISO 25 4.2mm f/2.2 1/124sec

This is a George V postbox. Not part of English Heritage, but if I am out and about and there is a postbox, I’m taking a photo.

From there we were on to Kirby Hall:

ISO 500 22mm f/11 1/800sec

Originally built during the reign of Elizabeth I, a visit here includes an interesting audio guide about the history and architecture of the house. Also on site:

ISO 500 35mm f/11 1/30sec

You won’t be able to miss these guys and girls, particularly if you are having a picnic lunch. While they would love for you to feed them, staff on site would ask that you not do that.

From there it was on to Lyddington Bede House:

ISO 32 4.2mm f/2.2 1/100sec

This shot from the interior eludes to the religious history of the site. The house has had several functions over the years, and signs around the property fill in the story for visitors. Here is a shot from the front of the house:

ISO 500 18mm f/11 1/320sec

The church in the background is St. Andrew’s Church and here is a shot of the graveyard:

ISO 500 18mm f/11 1/640sec

The church is not English Heritage, it is an operational, and very lovely, Church of England Church. Like postboxes, if there is a churchyard nearby, I am there taking a photo.

Our last stop of the day was to Rushton Triangular Lodge:

ISO 500 18mm f/11 1/320sec

A really interesting folly built in 1593. It has its own blog post here.

I hope you have enjoyed this little detour road trip style post. My cameras for this outing were my Canon 80D and my iPhone. All the photos have had at least minor edits feel free to leave a comment or any questions below.

Photos of my travels are likely to turn up in my Instagram feed, as that peacock did, so feel free to follow me there:


Written in response to Lens-Artists Challenge, A Country that is Special to You.


42 thoughts on “From England, With Love

  1. These are great photos! I am not much of a history enthusiast – my poor grades in history can attest to that, but I do appreciate culture and history.


  2. I’ve been there! and There!! and There!!!

    A very interesting post, it sounds like a great trip. I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoying living on our little island and I fully agree with the EH membership – it’s a great idea if you get out a lot. We’ve been members for years. The NT is also good, but has gone downhill a lot since I joined in about 2002.

    Great photos!


  3. I really enjoyed this post, Amy. Definitely different from what you usually do but it was a fun walk along in the country with you πŸ™‚ A membership is always great because it’ll allow you to revisit a place more than once if you want to. You and your postboxes…it is an interesting subject to photograph and so amazing how there’s a place for postal in this digital world. Were the peacocks the same peacock?


  4. Love this – and as you say, not your ordinary post! So you are a history woman, just like Patti! My favorites here are the religious room, where you have really caught the serene feeling, and the very special triangular house – Thank you for always being supportive!


  5. So fun, Amy! I really enjoyed “walking along with you” on this day’s journey. Your ability to capture a mood came across especially in the Lyddington Bede House shot. And that Eleanor Cross – such a contrast between the monument and the road right next to it. (grin) I liked your notes that you will always take a photo of a postbox and of a cemetery/graveyard. Cute!


  6. Thank you so much for the tour! I really enjoyed tagging along… and that peacock!
    I’ve been enjoying the gorgeous weather so I missed some of your posts… I just got caught up with you!


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