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Telling A Story

To tell a story effectively with a photo, a useful tool can be framing. It’s a way of drawing the viewer’s eye towards the tale you would like to tell. On a recent edit I started with this file:

ISO 250 f/11 1/100 sec 28mm

It was a beautiful scene, but even as I shot it, I knew editing would help me get to what I really wanted to show, which is this:

ISO 250 f/11 1/100 sec 28mm

I am currently using a Canon 80D as my main body. I’m happy with it but I have noticed that it is better to shoot an image underexposed rather than perfectly exposed or overexposed. Now, in general, that was true of my 50D as well, but I feel like it is more pronounced with this camera. I shoot in RAW, so even though the original file is dark, there is a lot of detail there.

Since this is really a post about framing, I will stick with talking about how I approached this shot. While shooting this file, I went ahead and took in as much of the scene as possible. My first edit, in this case, was a crop. I’ve left plenty of water and vegetation around the waterfall for context. I then used the vignette to help with the framing. I set the center at the closest visible water convergence. This should lead your eye to the most dynamic part of the image and allow the rocks and vegetation play their supporting role. So a crop and a vignette, two of the more basic edits, but an effective way to create a frame. Do you agree? Feel free to leave a comment below about this approach or its outcome below.

Regular readers will know I fell out of the blogosphere about a month ago. While it wasn’t an entirely planned break, I’m grateful to say it was a happy one. It included a two-week road trip in Europe. The photo above was taken during this time and is part of the Edelfrauengrab Waterfall in Germany’s Black Forest region. I’m happy to be back and look forward to catching up with my fellow bloggers.


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26 thoughts on “Telling A Story

  1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that had a break recently, and I hope you enjoyed your trip around Europe.

    Lovely photo and a great crop – you have indeed framed that waterfall really nicely.

    It’s funny what you say about your 80D, and I fully agree with you. They do have a tendency to overexpose everything. I generally keep all of my canons wound down 2/3 on the exp. comp. just to counter it.

    (have they got to 80D already? I’ve still got a 40D 🙂 )


    • Thanks very much, I did enjoy my trip. I’ve seen your most recent Wordless Wednesday but I still have to catch up with your trip to Wales and also your wife’s version of that same trip.
      Yes, as far as I know, it’s the 80D for now, although I’m sure the 90D is lurking. I had been using a 50D. I pretty much loved it to death, there was some sensor damage that I was not able to fix, so now that is my backup body. I think maybe the thing I like best about the 80 over the 50 is how much less it weighs. That makes a difference to me over the course of a day.

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      • Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

        As for catching up on Wales, probably best to catch up on Alli’s – a fair few of mine were a bit pointless 😀

        I’m a sure a 90D is lurking too – although on my budget I’ll have to wait another 10 years before I buy one 😀 I know what you mean though – I love my 40 – but it is a brick though, something lighter would be nice 😀


      • One of the fun things about following both is to get two different takes on the trip 🙂

        Yes, I’m not one to get rid of a perfectly good camera, I was a bit distressed when my 50D started showing signs of being on its way out. I got a lot of clicks out of it though, so no complaints there. A friend of mine still uses his 20D, no point replacing a good piece of kit.

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  2. Welcome back, Amy! I love how you edit the photo. It lead your eye to the water and beautifully framed by rocks and vegetation. A beautiful shot! Hope to see more of your photo from your two-week vacation. 🙂


  3. Nicely edited. It looks very natural and probably is closer to what you actually were seeing. Personally, I try to capture what I’m seeing when I take a photo, but the camera frequently does not cooperate. Sunsets never seem to match my seeing, for example.

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