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I Went for a Walk

Ah, the stereotypical English countryside, how I love walking through it! What do I love about it? churches and graveyards, livestock, fun signage, postboxes, and bonus points for a pub stop at the end. Ramble with me? The first stop was a church, of which there were three on this walk, but this particular grave marker caught my eye:

ISO 200 f/2.7 1/25sec 4.3mm

Then we kept going and came to a gate. An aside to my fellow Americans, you can walk through private property such as fields here, there are a set of expectations, but it is a completely different system than the US. So, yes we went through the gate and closed it behind us. What is it with cows? I feel like I have the following conversation every time I walk through a pasture:

~Yes, hi, just passing through.

~Because this is where the path is.

~Yes, really, it’s marked.

~No, I do not have any snacks.

ISO 100 f/5.6 1/200sec 17.8mm

And just to reinforce the whole English weather stereotype, I’ll tell you that the weather was threatening rain so I took the photos in this post with a small point and shoot and my iPhone:

And yes, I did finish up at the pub with a pint. Cheers and Slรกinte!

Added to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, Countryside and/or Small Towns.



28 thoughts on “I Went for a Walk

    • Yes, parks and walking paths are just very different over here. I like the system here but really the US is just so different in terms of land and how it’s managed that I don’t really see it working there. And I don’t mean that as criticism, it’s just different.

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  1. It’s always a dilemma to shoot in the rain! I always bring my cell phone instead of my Fuji. I had no idea you could walk through pastures in the UK–when a path cuts through them! I love the cows here. You really captured their curiosity.


    • Yes, my point and shoot is as much as I am willing to risk in the rain. Yes, rules concerning land use here are very different. To my way of thinking it has a lot to do with the amount of it that there is, in the US there is more so you have the option of thinking of private property rules in a different way.


  2. I’ll gladly ramble with you! Lovely cows – and interesting conversation…We have the same system in Sweden. You are free to go wherever you want. I love that. You are also allowed to put up a tent for one night.
    Thank you for the tour!


  3. Love your photos – takes me back to the two years we lived in the UK. Our house backed on one of those fields (though a grain field) and it had a path running from one corner to the other corner, which the farmer mowed down now and then so people could walk on it. From there we would ‘ramble’ down a lane, over a stile, into an open park area, etc, etc. We could walk to the next town that way, if we wanted to!


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