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What I Am Working On: Old Files

From time to time I go through photographs that I shot several years ago to see if I would like to try a new interpretation of them. That’s how I came to be working on this file:

ISO 250 f/2.7 1/60sec 4.3mm

This photo was taken at St. Michael’s Church in Betws-y-Coed, Wales, in 2016. So, some things haven’t changed since then, like the fact that I enjoy visiting churches and graveyards. This photo was taken with my point and shoot that only has jpeg file capability.  That means there is a limit to how much detail I am going to get out of the sky. To work around that one of the filters that I used was “dark fog”. I paired it with a filter called “Old Timer” that I have in a collection of Halloween “looks”. I felt that a Halloween filter was appropriate with it being October and the photo being an old graveyard. My final edit was something much darker than the original:

ISO 250 f/2.7 1/60sec 4.3mm

Do you like the edit? That tree was really something else! and I feel like it adds a lot of character to the photo. Feel free to leave a comment below.


Added to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Circles, Curves, and Arches.


31 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: Old Files

  1. I like both photos equally and the edit one made the branches of the tree stand out more – and was able to see more of the way it spread – it really is a cool old tree to capture in a cemetery


  2. I do this occasionally, it’s great fun. I’m also finding a lot of fun out of scanning negatives from photos I shot in the late 70s and early 80s and putting them through lightroom. Generally I’m finding that maybe I should have invested in higher contrast paper back then, they look so much punchier and better now than they ever did when I printed them originally!


  3. I do like your edit. It draws my eye to the tree – which is amazing – and away from the sky. The ground covering jumps out too! (what editing software do you use? looks like fun)


  4. The edits are big benefits in the upper right corner and in the foreground, and they augment the impression that the tree branches are the grasping fingers of something very big and creepy that will frolic on Halloween.


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